• Athletic Training Facility

    Hours: 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Rehabilitation Time, 3 p.m. – End of Day: Practice Time


    1. Proper clothing is required at all times.
    2. Be respectful: “Please, Thank you, Yes Sir/Ma’am” – Cursing will not be tolerated.
    3. If you do not have a medical issue, you should not be in this room.
    4. Do not take anything from this room without permission
    5. No athletes should be in the Athletic Training Facility unsupervised.
    6. When you enter the room, you must sign in.
    7. Return to play after an injury requires a written note from the doctor.


    1. Treatment priorities are as follows:
      1. Athletes with away games.
      2. Athletes with home games.
      3. Athletes with practice.
      4. New injury evaluations.
      5. Injury treatments and evaluations
    2. Athletes are responsible for reporting all injuries to an Athletic Trainer as soon as possible.
    3. You are not “cleared” from a concussion injury until our team physician and an Athletic Trainer has notified both the coach and the parents.
    4. All concussions follow the exact same protocol and are reported to administration in the event academic accommodations are needed.
    5. State law and school board policy require all paperwork to be completed before participation in sports.
    6. State law and school board policy require a written note from the treating physician for any sports injury prior to return to play.


    Home Rehabilitation Exercises (click link)


Last Modified on May 22, 2020