• Please read, complete and submit the  24-25 Kindergarten Dismissal Form (English) to your school.  Open the link and download a copy of the Word Document form to complete for your student.  The document is displayed below.




    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    We know there is a great deal of excitement when your child enters school.  We share that excitement and are busy preparing to ensure children are met with a smooth and easy transition.


    Parents/guardians of all kindergarten students who will be riding an afternoon school bus are required to read this form and identify a dismissal choice. Please consider the options presented and select only one for your student. Complete the form and return it during registration and/or no later than Monday, August 12, 2024 - the first day of school learning OR prior to the first day your child rides a bus home.


    To support the safety of all students, it is critical that we have this information. Please know that bus operators are not generally authorized to return students to school if an adult is not present (if that is your option) when the bus arrives at the afternoon bus stop. If the designated adult is not at the bus stop location as agreed, procedures may require operators to contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office or Department of Children and Families. While these actions may appear extreme, they serve as guidelines that consistently promote the safety and security of students.


    Your child’s dismissal information, specifying your preference and understanding of procedures, will be kept on file at the school and given to the bus operator as needed.  Bus operators are only allowed to transport students for whom they have completed forms. Thank you for partnering with us to maintain a safe and welcoming school experience for your child.



    School Principal


    Please complete and return to the school office by August 12th the 1st day of school OR PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY YOUR CHILD RIDES A SCHOOL BUSThis form must be on file for your child to be dismissed properly.  No child may ride the school bus without your approval submitted by this completed form.


    Name of school student attends: _____________________________________________________________________


    I have made the following dismissal arrangement for my child, _____________________________________________.

                                                                                                                                              Student’s Name


    Parent/guardian contact number if we need to reach you: ___________________________________________________


    Bus # _____________      Bus Stop: _________________________________________________________________                                                                                                         

    Please make one choice below:

    Forms with multiple selections should NOT be accepted by the school or bus driver

    _____    My child will ride the school bus and must be met at the bus by a parent, guardian, sibling/relative, or neighbor prepared to provide identification to the bus operator. 


                     My child can be picked up at the bus by:     ___________________________________________________

                                                                                                                                    Name & Contact Number



                                                                                                                                    Name & Contact Number


    _____    My child will ride the school bus and may walk home alone from the bus stop.   


    _____   My child may walk home from the bus stop ONLY if they are with a sibling who also rides the bus.  If the sibling does not ride they must be met by the person(s) designated above.


    Sibling(s) Name: _________________________________________________________________________________


     Comments: _____________________________________________________________________________________


    ___________________________________ _______________________________________  _______________

    (Print) Parent/Guardian’s Full Name                           Signature                                                              Date