• In the Ortega Garden Club, we plan, plant, maintain, and harvest herbs and vegetables in both our hydroponic and raised bed gardens.  During that process, we learn about the parts of plants, their needs, the life cycle of plants, and healthy eating.  We journal about the growth of our plants as they mature from seed to full grown producing plants.

    We also branch out and learn about birds – especially blue birds.  We use binoculars, do research about their habitats, life cycle, and needs.  We provide housing and food.  If the birds build a nest in our bird house, we follow the life cycle from egg to hatchling!  We journal what we learn about birds from our research and during our observations.

    In between gardening and bird watching, we also participate in some crafts involving nature – building bird houses, making wind chimes, creating fence art, creating stepping-stones, painting our garden water tanks, etc.

    Our club meets Thursdays from 3:00 – 4:15 p.m.