• Texas Covered Bronze Sponsor: Hazel Health

    Duval County Public Schools is partnering with Hazel Health to help eliminate barriers to quality healthcare for children. As the national leader in delivering pediatric telehealth care, Hazel Health partners with school districts across the U.S. and currently serves more than two million children. Hazel's team of experienced pediatricians, therapists, educators, and best-in-class engineers are passionate about ensuring all children receive the best care in school or at home. Our partnership with Hazel allows DCPS students to access mental and physical health care at no cost to families. Sign up today at my.hazel.co/duvalschools

    If you have questions, please visit hazel.co/faq, contact us at info@hazel.com, or (415) 424-4266.

    Sign up today at my.hazel.co/duvalschools

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