Guest and Safety information

  • Guest Information and Safety Information

    (Note: We will implement CDC guidelines and any state or local orders for COVID-19 that are in effect as of the date of the cereomony. Due to the safety procedures in place, we expect there may be some delays. We thank you in advance for your patience.

    If your school's ceremony is at TIAA Bank, please click here for specific guest and safety information.)


    • Tickets - There will be two tickets per graduate. Additional tickets may be provided as we take a closer review of our venue and the confirmed participants. Guests of the graduates must arrive at the same time with their tickets in order to sit together.


    • Masks - Masks will be required for all guests as they enter the arena, including graduates. They may be taken off once seated inside the venue.


    • Screening and temperature checks - Each guest will be checked off and screened before entry into the venue. This includes a search, a temperature screening and completion of a COVID-19 questionnaire. Note that guests with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater will not be allowed to enter the venue. Neither will guests who answer yes to any questions on the questionnaire. Click here to review the questions that will be on the questionnaire. (This is just for review. Guests will be provided a questionnaire to complete at the venue.) *There will be no temperature checks for venues at TIAA Bank. 


    • Social distancing - Guests will be required to maintain social distancing by sitting in marked designated seats.


    • Early Opening - The venue will open approximately two hours before the ceremony to limit or eliminate any lines. Social distancing will be required if a line is to form before entry. *Venue will open an hour before ceremony at TIAA Bank. 



    Q. How do I purchase my cap and gown?

    A. Please check your schools website for the specific cap and gown vendor your school uses and the contact information for the appropriate vendor. If you have difficulty accessing this information please contact your senior sponsor or school counselor.

    Q. When will I receive my diploma if I cannot attend the July Graduation?

    A. Diplomas will be mailed in June once the senior has been cleared for meeting all graduation requirements and there are no outstanding debts such as the returning of a laptop, hotspot, band instrument, etc.

    Q. If I am not going to participate in the July graduation how do I receive a refund for my graduation fees?

    A. Email your school counselor to inform them you are not participating in graduation so they can hold your cap and gown and then the school will issue you a refund.

    Q. Will graduations be streamed?

    A. Yes, all graduations will be streamed live throughout the ceremony.

    Q. How will I pay my debts to be cleared for graduation?

    A. Due to this challenging time for all families, schools are working with all students to assist with those with financial needs. Please contact your school counselor or administration to get your individual assistance.

    Q. How will I receive refunds for all other senior events (grad bash, senior week, prom, etc.)?

    A. Refunds from all high schools have begun to be disbursed. Some refunds may take longer as schools are waiting on refunds from the event vendor. If you have specific questions please email the school administration.

    Q. Will my transcripts be held until after July graduation?

    A. No, transcripts will be sent to requested colleges and mailed per student requests as normal once declared a graduate. Please contact your school counselor or administration if you need additional information.