• Are you interested in teaching, but don't have an Education Degree? We can help!
    Our program allows you to teach with a Bachelor's Degree and a 3-year Temporary Certificate. During your first few years in teaching, you will be able to obtain your Professional Teaching Certificate by completing professional development courses and passing state examinations. Duval County Public Schools has designed the Alternative Certification Program in accordance with Florida Statute Section 1012.56. This program offers professional education preparation through on-line or in-service coursework to newly hired teachers with subject-area expertise. Your combination of career skills, education, and experience will contribute to your success in the classroom. 
    The Alternative Certification Program (ACP) is for teachers who are paid instructional Duval County employees in a teaching assignment that does not vary from day to day and who need to complete the professional education coursework to partially meet the requirements for a Florida Professional Educator’s Certificate.

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