• Instructions for Submitting DCPS Request to Conduct Research Form

    To prepare and submit the DCPS Request to Conduct Research Form, complete the following steps:

    1.) Retrieve the file DCPS Request to Conduct Research Form.pdf from www.duvalschools.org/researchrequest and save it to a location on your computer.

    2) Complete all of the sections of the DCPS Request to Conduct Research Form.

    3) Print all pages of the completed application and supporting documentation and complete all required signatures.

    4) Mail the hard copy of the application, along with all required attachments, to the address at the bottom of this page. The required attachments include:

    • Proposal Description (See pages 6 ‐ 7 of the Request to Conduct Research Application for the required (asterisked) chapters

    • Copies of each data collection instrument to be used (REQUIRED)

    • Copy of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Human Subjects approval from the researcher's college or university or independent agency (REQUIRED)

    • If the IRB approval is not submitted, the researcher may still be able to obtain Provisional Approval from DCPS however, research may not commence until the IRB approval has been submitted and a full approval letter has been received by the researcher from the Innovations Division

    • Active Consent forms (NOT passive) if the study is to include parents, students, or DCPS staff members (REQUIRED)

    • All other documentation as specified on page 4, Section D and page 5, Section F of the DCPS Request to Conduct Research Form.


    Mail or deliver all completed application materials to:

    Research, Evaluation and Data Department

    Corey L. Wright, Asst. Superintendent of Accountability and Assessment

    C/O Mr. Jason Bloom

    4037 Boulevard Center Drive Team B Building,

    Suite 200 Jacksonville, FL 32207