• Students, faculty, and staff are required to wear a school ID at all times while on campus.
    • Students will participate in Breakfast in the Classroom at 7:05am. Only gym students will eat breakfast in the cafeteria beginning at 7:05am.
    • Student drivers will only park in the front parking lot by the stadium. This gate will be locked at 7:30am until 1:45pm.

    Morning Arrival Procedures:

    • All students arriving before 7:05am will report to common areas: gym for 9th/10th grade; cafeteria for 11th/12th grade.
    • The only doors that will be open to enter the school will be the front entrance doors and the side door on Duke for all bus riders.
    • Students are NOT allowed to leave campus and go to the store once they have step foot on campus.
    • Students will be released from common areas at 7:05am to report to their lockers and transition to first period.
    • When the bell rings, all teachers will shut their door and all students remaining in the hall will report to Clyde Clark to receive a tardy slip.
    Hall Pass Procedures:
    •  Students may utilize a hall pass, for restroom use only, during the middle 40 minutes of each period. They must wear the yellow vest and sign-out using the teacher’s log in class (student name; time in-out). HALL PASSES ARE FOR RESTROOM USE ONLY.

     Afternoon Dismissal Procedures:

    • Students are not allowed to go to their lockers at dismissal. Students should take all belongings they will need for home during third period to fourth period transition.
    • Car riders, walkers, and drivers will be dismissed at 2:00pm. These students should be cleared from the building by 2:05pm. At 2:05pm, all bus riders and students participating in after school activities will be dismissed. Buses will depart at 2:10pm.
    • All students remaining on campus for after school activities shall report immediately to their activity location.
    • Any students found in the bus zone that do not ride the bus will be assigned a disciplinary consequence.
    • Students released from any activity before the activity busses arrive shall report to the auditorium.

     After School Activity Procedures (including Athletics)

    • Students should be under adult supervision at ALL TIMES. Students should be supervised until everyone has been picked up (including game days).
    • Ensure that you have arranged for transportation to get home prior to any activity.
    • Students who are car or activity bus riders should be issued the school’s activity pass. These passes are dated and color coded.
    • School activity passes should be completed by sponsors/teachers/coaches each day there is an activity. Teacher-made passes are not permissible.
    • At the conclusion of practice, athletes should be directed to report to the auditorium from the back of the school or Duke Hall. Athletes should NOT be in the main building or front of the school.
    • It is the responsibility of each sponsor/teacher/coach to ensure that all car/bus riders report directly to the auditorium when released from the activity.
    • Activity passes allow students in the auditorium (study hall) to wait for their transportation (car and bus riders).
    • In order to ride the activity bus, students must give their pass to their bus driver. This makes it very important that sponsors/teacher/coaches always ensure that students receive a pass every day.
    • There should not be any students in the halls or outside waiting for transportation.
    Visitor Procedures:
    • All visitors will enter through the front entrance and report directly to the front office.
    • Staff will create an electronic visitor’s badge using the visitor’s driver’s license.
    • Staff will direct visitors where to go and have them return to the front office to report their departure.