• For the 2020 - 2021 school year, parents need to register their student for bus transporation.  Please see the below for instructions on how to complete the registration process.  You will need to have a Focus account. 


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    Duval County Public Schools

    Guide to Completing the Transportation Registration for

    Bus Stop Assignment



    Transportation registration is only available online and must be completed electronically

    Transportation Registration is only available to parents with students currently enrolled in a Duval County Public School.  Charter school students should contact their school of attendance for transportation information.


    How do I register my child for school bus transportation?

    Where do I go and what do I need to do?

    Part A - If you do not have a Focus account

    Part B - If you have a Focus account

    Part C- If you would like to have an assignment other than your primary residence

    Part D - I completed the bus registration, and need bus stop information


    Part A

    Create a Focus Account and Link Your Student

    Creating an account begins online. However, there is also an in-person component. To maintain student confidentiality, parents and guardians are required to visit their child’s school of enrollment to provide identification.

    Families can begin the process by following these five steps:

    Step 1 - Create a Duval County Public Schools User Account at www.duvalschools.org/focus

    • Click on “Create Account” button
    • Be sure to use Google Chrome. However, if you’re on a Mac, you may need to use Safari
    • Follow the on-screen directions to complete the account.
    • Be sure to enter your first and last name, your personal email address, and password when creating the account.
    • Make note of the email address and password you used as it will be used again in the future.

    Step 2 - Link your child to your account at www.duvalschools.org/focus

    • Click “Link Student” and add your student’s school, student ID# and last name.
    • If you don’t have a school yet, select “Applicant” for the school name.
    • Note: You can add all your children at one time. Click “Add” after each child’s information is added.
    • Click “Submit”


    Step 3 - Go to the email account you used to create your user account and open the email from FIMservice@duvalschools.org. Click on the ‘Email Validation Link’.

    • Your email account must be verified within 7 days using the link from the email. If you don’t see it, check your clutter or junk file in your email.


    Step 4 - After verifying your email account, you now have 21 days to visit your child’s school to validate your Parent/Guardian account.

    • Be sure to take a photo ID to the school and have a staff member approve your request.


    Step 5: Within 24 hours after the school verifies your account, using the email address and password used to create your Parent/Guardian Account, login to Focus.

    • Focus:  https://duval.focusschoolsoftware.com
    • Be sure to use Google Chrome. However, if you’re on a Mac, you may need to use Safari.
    • You should see your student(s) should appear in your account.

    Families in need of additional assistance can contact Technology Services at 904-348-7628 Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Saturday through Sunday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Or call the school if you have additional questions.


    If you have registered your child for Duval Home Room, that registration will need to be cancelled before a Transportation Registration form can be submitted.  



    Part B

    I have a Parent Focus account and my child(ren) are linked to my account.

    What is next? 


    If you have submitted a 2021 Magnet Bus Stop Form there is no need to submit a Transportation Registration Form, go to PAGE 4.  If not, follow these steps for Transportation Registration. 


    Step 1 – While logged into your Parent Focus account, select the student, then select “Child Info” on the left side of the screen.  Select “Forms” from the list above the student.   Select “Transportation Registration Form”.   


    Step 2 – You are now at the Transportation Registration.  Review all listed information.  The primary address will be used to determine school bus assignment.   

    • Is the information correct?
      • Yes, move on to Step 3
        • If your primary address is correct, but your child intends to ride a bus to/from somewhere other than the primary address, see the instructions below for submitting an alternate address.
      • No, contact your school to have the information corrected.
        • If the primary address needs to be changed, your school will ask for proof of residency documents. Address corrections typically take 24 – 48 hours to show up in Focus after it has been entered by the school. 


    Step 3 – Does your child need school bus transportation?

    • Yes, click “yes”.
    • No, click “no”.


    Step 4 – Check in 7 – 10 business days, but no earlier that August 4, 2020 for your child’s bus stop assignment. 


    Repeat steps 1-3 for each child needing transportation


    Part C

    The information on the Transportation Registration is correct but, I would like my bus assignment to be based on somewhere other than the primary address. 

    What should I do?


    An Alternate Address Form can only be processed after the Transportation Registration has been submitted.

    School Board policy and transportation guidelines will be used in assigning a bus using an alternate address.    


    Step 1 – Visit https://dcps.duvalschools.org/Page/9209

    • In the comment section describe the transportation plan for your child. Indicate when the alternate address is to be used. 


    Step 2 – Check in Focus 7 – 10 business days, but no earlier that August 4, 2020 for your child’s bus stop assignment using the instruction below. 


    Repeat Step 1 for each child needing transportation



    If you have any questions, please call (904) 858-6200 or email the Transportation Department at transportation@duvalschools.org


    Part D

    I submitted the registration; how do I find my child’s bus stop information?

    Where do I go?


    Step 1 – If it has been 7 – 10 business days since the application was submitted and it is after August 4, 2020, log into your Parent Focus account.


    Step 2 – While logged in to your Parent Focus account, select the student click “Child Info” on the left side of the screen.  Select “Transportation” from the list.   


    Step 3 – Your child’s transportation information will be displayed.  Carefully read the information. Pay special attention to the effective date.  The effective date is the date your child’s ridership will begin.    


    Step 4 – Print the information.  Complete steps 1-4 for each child needing transportation


    Step 5 – Get ready to ride the bus. 

    • Review the bus stop information and the Bus Safety Information at https://dcps.duvalschools.org/Page/9211 with your child.
    • Ensure your child has a mask to ride the bus.
    • At the beginning of school, bus drivers will not know your child. Bring the printed information from Step 4 to the bus stop.  This document will help the bus driver and school personnel verify your child is on the right bus using the right stop at the right time.  The bus driver will be able to compare the printed information against the bus roster.     
    • In addition to your child’s copy, make a copy of the information for yourself.



    Repeat steps 2 - 4 for each child needing transportation



    Schools will send updates through parent communications throughout the school year regarding bus ridership. Be sure to also visit our Back to School webpage, www.duvalschools.org/backtoschool2020 for information. Thank you for your patience as we work to provide the safest transportation and learning environment.








    If you have any questions, please call (904) 858-6200 or email the Transportation Department at transportation@duvalschools.org