Foodservice Updates

  • School Breakfast and Lunch are Free for 2020-2021 school year!

    Beginning Monday, Sept. 21, all school breakfast and lunch meals will be free for all students in every Duval County Public School. This change is due to an update in September 2020 with the federal USDA school feeding program and will be in effect until June 30, 2021.

    Additionally, Duval HomeRoom students can collect free meals daily at any of these open sites regardless of enrollment from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

    Additional information for Brick and Mortar and Duval HomeRoom students is below:

    Brick and Mortar students

    1. All school breakfast and lunch meals will be free with the exception of ala carte items.
    2. Student ID is not required while going through the cafeteria line for breakfast or lunch meals.  However, it is required for a la carte purchases.
    3. Meals will be served as normal at dining temperature (hot food, cold food) during regular school breakfast and lunchtimes.

    Duval HomeRoom students

    1. Parent/guardian must present a valid form of ID for the student (Examples: the child’s school ID, government-issued ID or passport).
    2. Meals will be distributed cold, using zip lock bags with meals placed in a grocery bag.
    3. Cooking instructions are available here - we're adding more recipes as we change-up the menu! 

    Note that the supper and snack program will continue with no change.

    COVID-19 Food Safety Policies and Procedures

    Above all, the health and safety of those we serve and our teams remain our number one priority. You can be confident knowing we have implemented additional protocols to keep students, staff, and our employees safe. 

    Extensive Training
    Prior to the first day of work, and throughout the school year, all employees will attend extensive COVID-19 safety precautions and food safety training.

    Daily Pre-Shift Health Screening
    All employees will answer daily health assessment and risk exposure questions as well as have their temperatures checked prior to entering the school.

    Personal Protective Equipment
    Employees are required to wear face masks and disposable gloves at all times, changing gloves between each new task. Service line employees will also wear a face shield as an additional safety precaution. Face coverings will not be required while students are eating. However, while waiting in line to receive and pay for school meals, face coverings or face shields will be required.

    Frequent Handwashing
    Employees will continue to wash hands thoroughly and often, making sure to follow all CDC guidelines.

    Social Distancing
    For everyone’s safety, we are minimizing close contact for employees in the kitchen and students in the serving line. Students' seating arrangements during meal service will be arranged for social distancing to the greatest extent possible.

    Disinfecting High-Tough Surfaces
    Frequently touched surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected throughout the day using effective EPA approved chemicals with special attention paid to serving lines between each group of students.

    Individually Packaged Meals and Condiments
    Food will now be individually packaged and served in covered containers. Employees will place the student’s meal on the serving line for the student to pick up before checkout.

    Touch-Free Checkout
    Behind plexiglass barriers, employees will scan the student’s school ID card at the register for touch-free checkout.

    School Meal Service

    Lunch service in the cafeteria will look a little different this year. All meals will be prepackaged and handed directly to the student to ensure quick and safe service. With the enforcement of social distancing, some cafeterias may not have the capacity to serve all students during normal breakfast and lunch service. In these cases, breakfast or lunch may be served and consumed in the student’s classroom. In addition, meals may be eaten in other areas of the school such as outdoor patios (weather permitting) to enable social distancing. 

    In-School Meal Service
    Since schools have different cafeteria layouts, the structure of in-school meal distribution will be determined by each school's principal. All students will be eligible to receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch each day at no cost. Snack and supper may be available in approved schools.

    Duval HomeRoom Meal Service. HomeRoom menus are identical to regular in-school menus. 
    Students or parents/guardians can collect free meals daily at any of these open sites regardless of enrollment from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. daily at the school entrance. Parents/guardians collecting meals must have a student ID to receive meals. 

    School Lunch Menus

    View the school lunch menus online at