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    San Mateo Elementary School




    Caroline Wells


    Shaakera Thomas

    Assistant Principal








    SME Opening of School Information



    Plan Your Student’s Path


    • Decide how your child will attend school for 2020-2021.
    • If choosing Duval Homeroom, please note the following:
    • Your child’s teacher could be from SME or another school in our region.
    • Your child will retain his/her seat at SME until they return to school.
    • You will have the option to return to SME after every quarter.


    Read Important Information



                                    Enroll Your Child


    • There is no action needed if your child has previously attended SME and will be attending face-to-face instruction this year.
    • Parents are available to apply to Duval Homeroom LATE application.
    • Sign up for bus transportation (registration required) through FOCUS at https://dcps.duvalschools.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=28229







    • Work with your child on the following:
    • Wear a face covering in 30 minute increments.
    • Maintain 6 feet distance from others in public.
    • Wash hands frequently using proper procedures.
    • Avoid touching non-personal items that belong to others.
    • Open up lunch items independently.





    • Meet and greet will be conducted virtually.
    • Students should only bring in supplies that are needed for the 1st nine weeks. Students may bring in a few items each day.
    • Supplies will not be shared with other students. Teachers will notify parents when more supplies are needed.
    • Back-to School Packets, dismissal tags, and car tags will be sent home the first day of school. Each family will be given at least one car tag.
    • Student DCPS masks will be provided to students on the first day of school. Please ensure that students have a face mask/facial covering on the first day of school.
    • There will be a time designated for Duval Homeroom Families to pick up their materials and lap tops if needed.


    Classroom Assignments

    • Homeroom assignments will be available to parents to view on their Parent Focus account.




    • All requested documents for new students can be emailed to Deborah Griffin @ griffind@duvalschools.org
    • Back-to –School Packets will be sent home with 1st – 5th Returning Students on the first day. Please return completed packet to your child’s teacher within the first week of school.





    Extended Day:


    Extended day registration is online this year. Parents will be notified by the extended day director once their application has been received and she will provide you with the next step.


    This is a two-step enrollment process. The first step will be to apply. An online application does not mean you have a spot. You are officially registered when a director reaches out to you and you complete step 2 of the payment process. Please follow the steps for enrollment per the district website and wait for a director to call you. Please note that the system generates the list for the school and the Extended Day director must go by the order of the list. Once a grade level is full, we will be unable to add additional seats due to COVID-19 guidelines. For additional information / questions contact Ms. Simmonds, Extended Day Director,  at simmondsr@duvalschools.org .


    Kindergarten Students – “First Day Only” School Drop Off


    Kindergarten parents will be permitted to drop off Kindergarten students at their exterior classroom door on the first day of school. If you wish to do this, we ask that you arrive between 8:00-8:25. Please have your mask on and walk to the exterior door of your Kindergarten classroom. Please practice social distancing at all times and do not linger. Student temperatures will be taken by a staff member prior to the student entering the classroom. Parents are not permitted to enter the classroom. This will only be allowed for the first day of school and is only for Kindergarten students.   Kindergarten Car Riders- Please get your Car Tags at this time.




    Arrival Procedures


    Extended Day 7:00 AM-8:00 AM


    Students arriving for Extended Day will have their temperatures checked by school personnel daily. Only students who pass screenings will be permitted into the building through the double doors near the cafeteria. Parents must wait for the temperature check prior to drop off. The Extended Day director will reach out with more details for touchless sign-in.


    Arrival Procedures Cont.


    School Arrival 8:00 AM-8:25 AM

    Please do not drop off your student prior to this time, as there is no supervision.


    • All students will be greeted and will have their temperatures checked when they arrive to school. Only those students who pass the screening will be admitted to class.


    • Parents may not walk their students into the building. If parents choose to walk with their student to the entrance, social distancing will be expected at all times.


    • All students will be asked to sit outside of their classroom in the hallways with facial coverings.


    • Students who arrive late must enter at the front door for a temperature check. Parents must wait for the temperature check prior to drop off.



    • Car riders

    Parents will drive through the car line at the front of the building. Student temperature checks will be taken prior to the student getting out of the car. Students will enter the building through the cafeteria entrance.


    • Bus riders

    Students will be greeted in the bus loop as they depart. All bus riders will have their temperatures taken as they exit the bus. Students will enter the building through the main entrance.


    • Walkers and Bikers

    Students will be greeted at the main entrance. Temperature checks will be taken. Students who do not pass the screening will be escorted to a designated area to contact parents.







    Dismissal Procedures


    • If parents/guardians wish to check-out their students early, they will need to call the school when they are in the front parking lot/loop. and meet a staff member at the front door. The student will be called to the front office with their belongings and walked to the front door. A staff member will check the ID of the parent/guardian and sign out the student for documentation.


    o No early checks outs after 2:15 p.m.


    • Car riders will be in the cafeteria and dismissed when their vehicle arrives. Students will wear masks/facial coverings during dismissal.



    • Bus riders will be dismissed upon arrival of buses from their classrooms. Students will wear masks/facial coverings during dismissal.


    • Walkers/bikers will be dismissed on a staggered schedule. Students in the main building will exit through the main entrance. Students located in portables will exit through the gate located near the bus loading zone.


    • All students will have dismissal tags attached to their backpacks to identify their dismissal method. When dismissed, all students are expected to wear a mask and follow directional signage to their areas.


    Car Riders:

    • Administration (or designee calling cars) will use the school radio to call for students in the order in which their parents are in line.


    • All cars must have a school-issued car tag with student names to ensure the process is safe and as efficient as possible. Car tags will be available the first day of school.


    Parents will pull into the car loop, please look for direction. Pull all the way up and students will be assisted into the car. Car tags with student names will need to be visible for student safety. 








    Dismissal Procedures Cont.


         Bus Riders:

    • All Kindergarten bus riders must have a Kindergarten Bus Rider Information form completed before boarding the bus in the afternoon.



    • Kindergarten students will be housed in Classroom 2 which is located directly near the bus loop. Students will need to wear their face masks while in this location until their bus arrives.



    • 1st-5th students will be dismissed from their classroom to the bus at designated times.


    • When the bus arrives, all students will be checked off on the roster and board with face masks.


    Extended Day:


    • Extended Day students will remain in their classroom with the homeroom teacher until 3:10 PM. At that time, the students will be escorted to the cafeteria for snack.




    All conferences will be held virtually until further notice. These will need to be scheduled in advance and can be held via phone and Teams.


    Face Covering Expectations


    • Students will be asked to wear face coverings when they are

    o Boarding/riding/departing the bus

    o Entering the building

    o Walking in common areas

    o In the classroom – Masks breaks will be built into the instructional schedule.

    o In the cafeteria line

     o During dismissal  


    • Face shields (K-2nd) and cloth masks (K -5th) will be provided for students. We recommend purchasing at least 3-5 extra masks. This will assist with having a clean mask to wear to school daily.




    • Free breakfast will be offered in the classroom each morning.
    • If students will be eating their own breakfast, this should be done prior to arrival.





    • All students will remain in their homeroom class for the majority of the school day. Instruction may be provided outside as deemed appropriate.


    • Departmentalized grade levels will switch teachers (not the students) at the assigned time.


    • Signage will assist students with traveling appropriately throughout hallways and common areas.




    • All students will enjoy at least 20 minutes of recess daily.


    • Social distance guidelines will be followed.


    • Students will transition from their classroom and escorted to the assigned playground at a scheduled time.


    • Staff and students will be required to hand wash or use hand sanitizer prior to transitioning to the playground area.


    • Kindergarten through 2nd grade & 3rd through 5th grade have separate playgrounds. In addition to the 2 separate playgrounds, two open field locations will be designated for recess time.


    • Students are expected to remain in their assigned area and maintain an appropriate distance from other students.


    • The number of classes on the playground at one time will be limited.


    • Staff and students will be required to hand wash or use hand sanitizer when transitioning back into the building.


    Lunch Procedures


    • Students will eat in the cafeteria on a staggered schedule to ensure compliance with social distancing.


    • Students will have on facial coverings as they transition through the lunch line. Once seated, students will remove their facial covering to enjoy their meal.


    • Signage is marked in the serving line to indicated socially distanced standing points.


    • Lunch monitors will monitor the classrooms to ensure teachers have a duty free lunch of their own.


    • Students will sanitize hands before and after lunch times.


    Water Fountains


    • All water fountains will be taped off and not in use this year.


    • If the water fountain has a bottle filler option, students may still use this feature to fill water bottles.



    • We recommend every student bring a personal water bottle daily.


    • Water coolers will also be available. Each cooler will be equipped with a cup dispenser and will be socially distanced.





    • Art, music, and media teachers will travel into the classrooms for resource. Instruction may be provided outside as deemed appropriate.


    • Physical Education will be outside, weather permitting.


    • Students will sanitize hands before and after resource.



    Field Trips:


    • Field trips are suspended until further notice.




    • All students will be expected to wash their hands upon entering and exiting the classroom.
    • Teachers will have additional handwashing scheduled into the school day.
    • All students will have access to hand sanitizer.


    Lunch Account Payments:


    • Parents may use the www.myschoolbucks.com site or send in cash payments to add funds to their child’s account.


    • Money added to student accounts can also be utilized to purchase snacks in the serving line.


    • All students are welcomed to a complimentary hot lunch.


    • Duval Homeroom students can come to the school to receive a lunch between 10:00 a.m. -11:00 a.m. in the car rider driveway as a grab and go.


    • Students may also bring a lunch from home. Please avoid foods that need to be heated up, glass containers, and sharp cans/plastic knives.


    • In-person payments are suspended until further notice.


    Open House:


    • Open House will be virtual. Date and time TBA.



    Parent Involvement Meetings:


    • PTA and SAC meetings will be virtual until further notice.


    Visitors and Volunteers:

    • Visitors and volunteers will not be permitted inside the school building at this time to protect everyone’s safety.
    • Parents and other stakeholders will be provided assistance at the front door. We encourage parents to call the front office at (904) 696- 8750 to ensure that we are prepared to assist you.



    Prescription Medication Drop-Off:



    • Ensure that you have a face masks/facial covering and adhere to social distancing guidelines.


    Department of Health Guidelines


    • If during the school day your child exhibits any COVID symptoms, he/she will be isolated, supervised and made comfortable. You will be notified to pick up your child immediately. If we are unable to reach the parent/guardian, the emergency contacts listed on your child’s information will be called for pick up.


    • At this time, schools have been advised that they will report any positive cases to the district and department of health. At that time, the department of health will conduct a contact tracing investigation and provide the school with next steps. We will communicate any and all guidelines we receive from Department of Health as soon as we have them.