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Important information about Duval HomeRoom

  • Terry parker High school is committed to providing all students a quality education.

    However, If you have elected to receive instruction through Duval HomeRoom your course selections will be limited.

    We will attempt to honor all programs of study but there will be courses will not be offered due to scheduling limitations.


     Duval Homeroom Information


    For your child's class schedules, your teachers will serve as the best point of contact. Your children will find them online by logging into their teachers' virtual classrooms via Microsoft Teams.

     Your attendance school is still your main source of support during this COVID-19 isolation season, but there have been some common questions we can answer here.


    Will students or families need to report to the school?

     No. The program is designed so you and your student are 100% at home. You and your children can come to school weekdays to get lunch using the schedule below.

    High School: 9-10 a.m.


    What are the expectations for student and teacher hours?

     Your child's distance learning school day mirrors that of their actual school. Students are engaged in live session learning with their teachers during this time. Think of a typical school day, it just takes place Virtual.


    How can I access my Duval HomeRoom teacher?

     Email is the best way to contact your teacher. They will be monitoring their email daily. Contact information will be posted in your teacher's Team site.  


    When will my student's Team be ready?

     Duval HomeRoom classrooms will be available no later than Thursday, August 20, the first day of school. If you have a questions about your schedule, please contact your guidance counselor at your school.


    How can my student continue receiving support in an online environment?

     Paraprofessionals, ESE support, ESOL support, and additional support staff will be available during school hours (7:15 a.m. – 1:45 p.m.). Teachers will be adding the appropriate support staff to their Teams to ensure students maintain continued support as required.


    Will students who receive ESE, Gifted, and ESOL support still receive those services?

     Services will be adjusted in this model to ensure the safety of the students and staff members. ESOL and ESE students on General Education standards will use the same prescribed general education platforms and meet the same expectations with applicable accommodations. ESE teachers will provide services and supports in collaboration with the content area teacher. ESE students following Access Points Standards who are served in ESE self-contained settings will have live whole group instruction, small group instruction and individualized lessons assigned from appropriate grade level Access Points curriculum for the entire school day. Teachers will supplement on-line learning with paper instructional materials adapted from the curriculum for students who are unable to access on-line learning due to their disability. Teachers will monitor and support progress toward IEP goals and develop an Individual Distance Learning Plan in collaboration with the parent/guardian. Teachers of the gifted will be engaged in live learning sessions as prescribed in the student's education plan.


    What is the plan for students who currently receive related services like OT, PT, VI, HH, etc.?

     Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech-Language Therapy, Vision, Deaf/Hard of Hearing and/or Mental Health Services will be provided virtually as determined by the Individual Distance Learning Plan in collaboration with the parent/guardian. Services will be provided through online sessions or phone consultations. Home-based individualized activities may also be provided.


    What are the academic expectations for students?

     Students are expected to log-in daily and complete their required assignments in each of their classes or subjects as they would in a traditional school environment. Communication with the teacher will be an essential component of being successful in a distance learning environment.


    How can I check my student’s grades and attendance through Teams?

     Overall grades and attendance will not be posted in Teams. A student's academic record and current attendance report will remain available in the FOCUS system. 


    What about Tech Support?

     If you are having difficulties with your computer or hotspot, please call our Technology Support Team at 904-348-5200. If you need access to a laptop or internet-access device, contact your school, and they will be able to assist.


    What happens if my student doesn’t log in or complete work?

     Students who have not participated in live lessons and courses or submitted assignments will be monitored by school administration on a regular basis. Teachers and other school staff members will attempt to contact students and families to re-engage them in classes or identify support needed. If a student does not attend class or complete assignments, it will directly impact their attendance and recorded grades for the duration of this model.

     What happens when my technology doesn't work?

     Technology Services is available to assist with any technology-related issues. Families can contact them directly at 904-348-5200. Be patient, as we often experience high call volume at the beginning of the year. You can also contact your school for assistance.


    What happens if my child does not have technology at home? What if I have multiple children but only one computer?

     Your school will distribute devices to all students whose parents or guardians indicated a need for a device or hotspot when they signed up for Duval HomeRoom. Check with Comcast or your cable provider to determine eligibility for free Wi-Fi.


    Can my student access the platforms on tablets and phones?  Can they use a Mac computer?

     Yes, students should be able to access most platforms on any device if they have internet access. However, for the best experience, students should have a Windows 10 device with the latest updates. The exception is i-Ready, which will work on computers and tablets, but not phones.