• Need to enroll your student at Southside Middle?


    Please have all necessary paperwork prior to entering the queue.  If you do NOT, please go home to obtain the necessary information and return to school.  You will need to reenter your information using the link or QR code to get back in line in the virtual waiting room.


    Enrollment paperwork: 

    • Register online at https://dcps.duvalschools.org/domain/11003 (New to DCPS students only)
    • Registration form (Previous DCPS students only; available inside of the school upon admittance to the main office)
    • Emergency card (will complete upon admittance into the main office)
    • Birth certificate (or other valid evidence of date of birth)
    • Florida shot form (FL680) or Florida exemption
    • Physical exam on a Florida form
    • Most recent school records (if entering from outside a DCPS school)
    • IEP/504 plan if applicable


    Proof of address (2 from Category A or 1 from Category A and 2 from Category B lists):

    Category A

    • Driver’s license/FL ID
    • JEA bill
    • Mortgage/Lease agreement

    o     If lease agreement if from a private individual, it MUST be notarized AND include 2 additional documents from category B

        Category B

    • Auto Insurance
    • Credit card statement
    • USPS confirmation of address change
    • Bank statement (Please make sure account number is blacked out)
    • Payroll statement
    • Current non-cellular phone bill
    • Vehicle registration



    If you believe you have a special circumstance in place, you may enter the queue for the virtual waiting room, but if it is determined that you do not, you will have to obtain the rest of your paperwork and get back in line in the virtual waiting room before being enrolled.