• Students that are currently enrolled in Duval HomeRoom that have a Research I block on their schedule MUST choose a Duval Flex class to replace it. 


    Open the following link:  Duval Flex.



    1. Click "Start Your Enrollment" tab [located in the middle of the screen.]
    2. Choose "I Attend a Public School in Florida". 
    3. Choose "I just want to take one or more courses."
    4. Choose "Duval" from the County drop-down menu. 
    5. Click "Register Now". 
    6. Click "Create New Account". 
    7. Choose "9-2 High School DVIA IC (IS)". 
    8. Fill out the YELLOW fields. 
    9. For the Login Information;
      1. Create Student Username:  Use DCPS student number. 
      2. Create Student Password: Use DCPS student password.
    10. Save the information. 


    After Creating Account

    • Login to the account to request courses. 
    • Your requests will be sent to your school counselor for approval.