• The internship experience for all undergraduate students in a teacher education program is essential to becoming a well-rounded and diverse educator.  Student interns devote countless hours and days each semester in a Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) classroom under the guidance of a certified teacher (CET trained), who serves as a mentor. School-based internships and field experience activities are designed to provide an opportunity for student interns to become proficient in a wide-ranging array of competencies in a complex environment where critical decisions are made daily in a classroom. A highly effective or effective teacher can provide instruction with diverse strategies to motivate students all while maintaining an organized environment for learning. Collaboration with other teachers and School-based Administrators are essential. DCPS can accommodate the placement of pre-interns and full-time student interns K-12 during the Fall and Spring terms. Only pre-interns (field experience only) are placed during the summer. Please take your time exploring the Internship Placement Website and all the opportunities afforded to student interns that choose to complete their internship with Team Duval.

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