• Community Education Courses

    Welcome to Community Education, where we support learning at every age. To begin, create an account with our Eleyo system. This allows you to register and pay for courses. You can also click on the links below to view current course offerings. Questions? Contact our Community Education Office at 904-858-6080.  




    What is the Communitiy Education program?

    The DCPS community education program was established in 1975 and continues to utilize school buildings to offer enrichment opportunities to students and the surrounding community.  These fee-based courses last approximately 6-8 weeks on varying topics based on the community’s needs and interests.  Funds from the community education program support the program’s instructors, course materials and provides additional funding for the maintenance of the school facility.  Community Education provides tutoring, industry certifications, and recreational opportunities for stakeholders when there is enough interest to support and fund the opportunities.

    Community Education courses are added based on the community’s support and funding, as each course should have enough participation to cover all costs for that particular offering.  This model has also been effective in expanding the district’s Driver's Education program to after-hours and weekend offerings.  Certification programs have also been offered in schools, further increasing the community’s professional development and employment options.  An added benefit to the program is the increased exposure of school buildings and the work that’s being done therein.  Thus, schools are utilized and highlighted, the community is gaining additional tools for advancement, and income is being generated in neighborhoods. 

    Information about the Community Education schools and classes is typically mailed out twice a year; once in early August and again after the winter holidays to be received in January. Please contact the Community Education Coordinator at the specific school for an updated class schedule & registration dates for the mid-fall and mid-winter terms as shown below.

    August - October (Fall Term)

    October - December (Mid-Term)

    January - March (Spring Term)

    March - May (Mid - Term)

    Community Education courses last approximately 6 to 8 weeks. If you missed the previous registration period, please contact the specific school or call the Community Education Office at 904-858-6080 to find out the most current information on the courses for which you would like to register. 

    Once Community Education courses resume, they will be posted here. For more information, contact the Community Education Office at 904-858-6080.