Open House will be held virtually this year on Teams from 5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 24th. We would love for all students and parents to attend!

    Parents and students need to follow their child’s schedule and log onto the Open House TEAMS page according to your child’s designated class period. Below is the virtual bell schedule you will need to follow: 

    5:00-5:30 Title I Parent Meeting
    5:30-5:40 1st period
    5:42-5:52 2md period
    5:54-6:04 3rd period
    6:06-6:16 4th period
    6:18-6:28 5th period
    6:30-6:40 6th period
    6:42-6:52 7th period

    The page has your child's teacher's name to the left in individual channels.  When it is time to move from period to period, simply click on your teacher's name and they will be there LIVE to speak to you about the instruction and activities your students take part in. Please be sure to take the parent survey after you have visited all classes. ​​​​​

    Thank you RAIDERS!!!!