• Auditions - Frequently Asked Questions

    1.    If I do not live in Duval County can my child still audition?

    Yes. Douglas Anderson accepts students from all counties.

    2.    Can my child audition for multiple art areas?

    Students may audition for 2 arts areas.  However, you can only audition for one each evening.  Therefore, if a student chooses to audition for two arts areas, they must attend both auditions. 

    3.    Is scheduling a tour mandatory for the audition?

    School tours are not required, but strongly suggested.  We want to make sure that DA is a good fit for you.  You can also visit our Virtual Tours page for more information on each arts area.

    4.    How will I know if all my child’s documents are in their audition folder?

    We check every folder to ensure that every student has a completed application and has submitted all the required documents.  If any document is missing, someone from the school will contact the parent/guardian requesting the document.

    5.    May I be present during the audition?

    This year, auditions are by appointment only.  Parents will drop their child off at their audition time and pick them up at the end time.  There will be no place for parents to wait on campus.

    6.    Do my recommendation letters have to be from my child’s current school?

    You may submit recommendation letters from an outside source such as a mentor from a community center, church, or from a private teacher with credentials.

    7.    How long does the actual audition take?

    The audition varies depending on art area but will be somewhere around 1-3 hours.

    8.    How long after the audition will I receive my result?

    A time frame will be shared with families at the audition during the parent presentation. 

    9.    How will I receive the audition results?

    You will receive an email with the audition results to the email address listed on the audition form. 

    10.  If my child does not get accepted. Can they re-audition?

    DA does not offer re-auditions.  If a student does not get accepted for the 2024-2025 school year, they may audition the following year.