Instructional Materials

    Florida adopts instructional materials for specific courses within a selected subject area on a rotating basis. The Florida Department of Education publishes specifications for course materials and standards.  Detailed information is available on the FLDOE website.  

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    Curriculum Reading List Access 

  •         Parent Information

    Pursuant to section 1002.20(19)(b), F.S., for a parent to learn about his or her minor child's course of study, including the source of any supplemental education materials can be obtained through the Student Support Application Software webpage on the District’s website and as set forth in the District’s Student Progression Plan. Your student's login will provide access to online materials listed in alphabetical order. 

    Visit our blended learning website for student digital resources.

    Digital and print resources are listed in a searchable format on the Instructional resource page.

    Pursuant 1006.28(2)(a)1, F.S., parents' rights to inspect school district instructional materials and related information is set forth in Board Policy 4.10. A searchable list of materials used throughout DCPS schools is located on the Instructional Resources Page. 

  • Florida State Statute and Reconsideration Criteria

    F.S. 1006.28 (2)(a)(2)(a,b) Each district school board must adopt a policy regarding an objection by a parent or a resident of the county to the use of a specific instructional material, which clearly describes a process to handle all objections and provides for resolution. The process must provide the parent or resident the opportunity to proffer evidence to the district school board that:

      1. Instructional material does not meet the criteria of s. 1006.31(2) or s. 1006.40(3)(d) if it was selected for use in a course or otherwise made available to students in the school district but was not subject to the public notice, review, comment, and hearing procedures under s. 1006.283(2)(b)8., 9., and 11. b. Any material used in a classroom, made available in a school library, or included on a reading list contains content that is pornographic or prohibited under s. 847.012, is not suited to student needs and their ability to comprehend the material presented or is inappropriate for the grade level and age group for which the material is used. If the district school board finds that an instructional material does not meet the criteria under sub-subparagraph a. or that any other material contains prohibited content under sub-subparagraph b., the school district shall discontinue the use of the material for any grade level or age group for which such use is inappropriate or unsuitable. Please utilize the Reconsideration Form if you would like to object to any instructional material.
  • Process for Review

      • District reviews are made according to recommended bid lists on the FLDOE website.
      • Publisher forms and agreements are uploaded edcredible.com for preliminary review and requests for information regarding digital and non-digital formats.
      • A committee is selected and determined at the district level to review the materials and goes through professional development for the review process.
      • The review is publically noticed at least 7 days prior to the district review.
      • A rubric is used for the review and by criterion, finalists are selected for the next level. The number of finalists is established by the review committee.
      • The review is publically noticed at least 7 days prior to the committee review.
      • Finalists’ materials are sent out by publishers to easily-accessible schools throughout the district and at 1701 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32207 for the community to interact with. The materials are noted on the district webpage and are available for at least a 20-day period of time before the next review.
      • School, stakeholders, and community review groups are recruited and determined to establish equity and diversity among the committee.
      • Materials are put on the agenda for board consideration and materials remain available to view. 
      • The board meeting is publically noticed and finalists are posted on the webpage. 
      • The final selection or selections are presented to the board for consideration.
      • The final selection is chosen by the Superintendent.
      • A thirty-day period is open for any objection and reconsideration of the materials after final board approval.
      • Petition to Object