What is the Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program?

    The United States Department of Agriculture’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) provides schools with funds to offer students fresh fruit and vegetable snacks during the school day. Duval County Public Schools proudly serve a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables through the FFVP at select eligible elementary schools throughout the school year.

    Image of 5 elementary age kids holding fruit and smiling What is the purpose of the program?

    • Introduce students to fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Create a healthier school environment by providing healthier food choices
    • Expand the variety and overall acceptance of fruits and vegetables that children eat
    • Positively influence children's life-long eating habits

    When and where can fresh fruits and vegetables be offered?

    Through this program, schools may offer fresh fruits and vegetables as a snack during the school day outside of breakfast and lunch. They can be served in classrooms, hallways or outside.

    What can you do to help implement the FFVP?

    Be a positive role model. While the program is targeted at students, it recognizes the important connection among students, teachers and school staff. Teachers serving fruits and vegetables can model healthy eating habits by participating with their students and including a nutrition education lesson.

    image of boy eating celery and smiling while in the cafeteria

    How can you help make the program successful?

    • Nutrition education is required, and teachers are encouraged to reinforce healthy eating with health education.
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables can be brought into the classroom to complement a lesson.
    • Your geography lesson can be reinforced by providing fresh fruits or vegetables from the region you are studying.
    • Studying percentages in math? Use a piece of fruit to show quarters, half, thirds, etc. The best part is the lesson becomes edible!
    • Have fun and be creative!

    Resources for your Newsletter

    If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback about the program, please email Valerie Bius at biusv@duvalschools.org.

    **Vegetables have been heat-treated and are not raw, so they are safe to eat.**  

    More resources can be found online here.

     Watercolor painting of a strawberry


    Click here for the November 2021 FFVP menu calendar.



    Click here for the December 2021 FFVP menu calendar.



Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program
Ortega Elementary Ruth N Upson Elementary Arlington Elementary
Thomas Jefferson Elementary Venetia Elementary Spring Park Elementary
Biltmore Elementary Ramona Elementary Garden City Elementary
Hyde Park Elementary Englewood Elementary San Jose Elementary
Pinedale Elementary Windy Hill Elementary Timucuan Elementary
Long Branch Elementary Susie E. Tolbert Elementary Rufus Payne Elementary
S.A. Hull Elementary Parkwood Heights Elementary Holiday Hill Elementary
Martin L. King Elementary School Normandy Village Elementary Greenfield Elementary
Mayport Elementary Merrill Road Elementary Jacksonville Heights Elementary
Don Brewer Elementary Kings Trail Elementary Mamie Agnes Jones Elementary
Arlington Heights Elementary Neptune Beach Elementary Pine Estates Elementary
Twin Lakes Academy Elementary West Riverside Elementary Abess Park Elementary
Enterprise Learning Academy Oak Hill Elementary Henry F. Kite Elementary
Whitehouse Elementary Woodland Acres Elementary Cedar Hills Elementary