• All full-time Duval County Public School employees have a right to an evaluation experience that reflects their hard work and allows them to develop professionally. On Team Duval, each employee will experience a robust evaluation process. All employees should take evaluations very seriously as they are considered in reappointment/non-reappointment, promotional opportunities, job transfers, surplus, and pay increases. One of the first documents that a new employer/supervisor considers is the employee evaluation.  

    The Evaluations Team is in place to do the following: 

    1. Work to ensure that all full-time employees receive an evaluation each school year. 
    2. Provide access to current and past evaluation documents to current and former employees.  
    3. Train and educate all employees on their evaluation processes as well as the administrators who evaluate them. 
    4. Navigate the Perform portal to ensure evaluation processes are correct and correct any issues. 
    5. Help those who cannot access or log into the system so that they can access their processes and forms. This includes sign-in issues as well as providing access to employees who cannot see Perform.  
    6. Assist teachers who are in need of passing the Florida Teacher Certification General Knowledge Exam with free test preparation. 
    7. Assist those employees who do not have a Bachelor’s Degree and who desire to become teachers in going back to college to earn that degree.  


    Find the Evaluations site on SharePoint here