• Team Duval Employee Evaluations

    Duval County Public Schools has approximately 12,000 employees and all full-time employees are evaluated annually. This includes the newest employee all the way to the superintendent. Evaluations help employees grow professionally. In Duval, our evaluations are in place to ensure that employees meet the identified expectations and responsibilities of their roles. Evaluations are very important, and employees should keep them as important points throughout the year.


    · Help to determine if someone is reappointed or nonreappointed.

    · When employees would like to promote, transfer, or change companies/districts, one of the first things that hiring managers ask for is a copy of their evaluations.

    · Some employees receive an increase in pay once they complete a probationary period.

    · Overall, Highly Effective Teachers receive $2,000 added to their base pay for performance from the previous school year, and overall, Effective Teachers receive $1,000

    · Instructional Personnel will be less likely to be surplused to another school with a higher Student Growth Score Average.


    Find the Evaluation site on SharePoint here