Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Williams

How has your role as a teacher evolved over the eight years you have been in the classroom?

My role as a teacher have tremendously evolved over these past eight years. I have learned so much as a teacher. I have learned how to adapt to change, how to overcome teaching obstacles, and how to positively receive criticism to improve my craft. I have also gained knowledge in how to effectively use data to drive and differentiate my instruction. I have also mastered how to unpack state standards to effectively teach my students. Most importantly, I have learned that all children do not learn the same and as their teacher I must dedicate myself into ensuring that each student of mine succeed at their individual level.



How do you emphasize involving families in your student’s education?

Family involvement in my student’s education is very essential to me. I believe wholeheartedly that it takes a village for a child to succeed in life. I try to make sure that I am building not only a positive relationship with my students but with their families as well. I have several ways for my parents to get in contact with me at any time. Some of the ways for my parents to get in contact with me is via Class Dojo, via my google voice number, via email, and more. I make sure that my parents know to contact me whenever they have a question or concern. It makes a difference in a child’s life to know that there are people out here who genuinely love and care about them.



What is your teaching style or philosophy? What adjectives would you use to describe your presence in the classroom?

My teaching style or philosophy mimics the first verse of the song “Greatest Love of All”. I truly believe that “Children are our future, if we teach them well, they will be able to lead the way”.  We as adults should dedicate ourselves into the future of our children/students because they are our future. I genuinely believe in building a positive relationship with my students so that they can feel a sense of comfortability with me to want to learn. I try to instill a sense of love and care for them to want to be something great. I am a firm, dedicated, patient, humorous, passionate, caring, supportive, and most of all very loving teacher.









How do you motivate students?

I motivate my students in so many ways. I love rewarding my students for the smallest achievement to make them want to rise for more successes. I am constantly surprising them with treats and goodies for good behavior, participating in class, improving behavior, getting an answer correct, turning in homework, and many more. In my classroom I use this amazing classroom management app titled “Class Dojo” that allow students to gain points for positive behaviors and achieving in different academic areas.  At the end of the week if students have received 10 or more points, they will participate in what I call our “Fun Friday”! On “Fun Friday” students are invited to join me in the classroom for lunch bunch and I also provide them with some type of sweet treats. I also motivate my students orally by saying different little motivational chants that I have created to build that positive relationship with them and as well as to build their self- esteem. One of my famous chants is “You didn’t get a wrong answer, you made a mistake, and mistakes only make you better”. Not only do I reward my students, but I take pride in rewarding all the students at our school. Thus, I oversee every month our school wide “Student of the Month” celebrations.



What are you learning right now?

As a teacher we are constantly learning new skills and techniques to use in our daily instruction. Currently I have started learning and implementing a new way for us to unpack our state standards to dig deeper, and truly understand exactly what my students need to learn to master a standard. This new form of unpacking standards is called the “Learning Arc”. I am also furthering my education on integrating technology into my daily instruction. Due to the current pandemic I have also learned how to teach online via Microsoft Teams.