• STOP  This is not the Transportation Registration Page.  If you need to register your student for bus transportation, please see the Transportation Registration Page.



    The Alternate Address Request option is open for the 22-23 school year. Please register your student for a bus, before submitting an Alternate Address request.

    Transportation will use the 22-23 primary address in Focus to assign a bus stop.  For a change of address, update the address with the 22-23 school of attendance instead of requesting an Alternate Address.

    If you require a different stop/bus for your student, other than the one assigned based on the primary address listed in Focus, please complete an Alternate Address Form. Alternate Address requests are considered based on Transportation Policy, as referenced below.

     Transportation Policy:

    • Magnet Transportation
      • Please refer to the School Choice Reference Guide.
    • Neighborhood School Transportation
      • The student's address must be greater than 1.5 miles from school of attendance
      • The student's address must be in the zoned attendance area
    • STO/Special Assignment
      • Transportation is not provided to a Special Transfer Option (STO)student; Special Transfer Options are made available to a student who wishes to attend a school other than the one in his or her attendance area. As noted on the STO Application, transportation to the STO school is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. 

    The following criteria will be used to determine approval of your request:

    1. The Primary Address listed in Focus meets the transportation policy
    2. The Alternate Address provided on the request meets the transportation policy.
      • If either 1or 2 is “no”  the student is not eligible for transportation from the address provided and ridership is the responsibility of the parent.
    3. The parent has registered the student for bus transportation by selecting “yes” on the Transportation page in FOCUS.
      • If 1, 2 and 3 are yes, the request will be reviewed by the Transportation Coordinator. If approved, the student will be assigned to a bus and the route information will be given to the parent.
      • If 3 is “no” – the parent must register the student for transportation via the parent FOCUS Registration screen
    4. Parents should only submit one request per student.

    Please proceed to the Alternate Address input screen if your student is eligible for transportation and you would like to submit an Alternate Address Request.

    Alternate Address