January-February 2021 Virtual Tour Dates

Virtual Tours

  • Tours will only be offered in a virtual format this year. Should the video and tour not answer all your questions, please feel free to contact school personnel to assist you. Our school phone number is 904-630-6540. Thank you for your interest in our English and Spanish Montessori Programs!

    **Upon completion of the Virtual Tour, a link to a survey will be placed in the chat box, valid for that virtual tour ONLY and active for 24 hours. Completion of the survey is the way credit is given for attending a tour, allowing for a higher priority in the School Choice lottery. Survey links will NOT be given without the parent/guardian completing the entire tour. There will be no exceptions. 

    It is recommended that you begin the process early to obtain a parent FOCUS account, as all applications (regardless of grade) are online for the 2021-2022 school year.