• The Master Facility Plan

What is the Plan?

  • It all began with a plan!

    A bold plan that would allow the district to address its aging school buildings (among the oldest in the state), create safe and secure spaces for students and staff, remove most of the district’s portable classrooms, decrease excess seat capacity, and remove over $1 billion in deferred facility maintenance over the next 15 years.

    This plan is known as The Master Facility Plan.

    Thanks to overwhelming voter approval of the half-penny tax, the plan is now in implementation, paving the way for the greatest renovation and rebuilding program in the history of public education in Duval County. 


Read the Plan!

  • Read the entire Master Facility Plan for a comprehensive look at the construction projects scheduled at each school in the district.     


    A Bold Plan for DCPS. Master Facility Plan Recommendations

Overview - Master Facility Plan goals

  • Address $1 Billion of Deferred Maintenance
  • Enhance District Efficiency
  • Make Every School Safe and Secure
  • Remove Most or All Portables
  • Improve Student Learning

    Address $1 Billion of Deferred Maintenance IconAddress $1 Billion of Deferred Maintenance

    Duval’s schools are the oldest in the state. State funding cuts since 2008 have reduced facility funding by more than $300 million. The cut in funding has led to a cuts in all but the most urgent maintenance priorities, and that has led to a backlog of maintenance expected to balloon to $1 billion by 2024. Funding from the half-penny voluntary surtax will address this long list of maintenance needs at all schools.

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    Enhance District Efficiency Icon Enhance District Efficiency

    Jacksonville's long history has left the district with numerous small schools that are now often operating below capacity. This wastes dollars on administrative overhead and requires upkeep on more buildings than the district needs. The plan calls for consolidation of these schools to align with projected enrollment, resulting in the net elimination of more than 3,000 student stations and newer, safer and more technologically-advanced schools for students.

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    Make Every School Safe and Secure Icon Make Every School Safe and Secure

    Contemporary threats to school safety require contemporary strategies to keep students and staff safe. The master facility plan includes initiatives for every school to receive safety and security upgrades in the first three years. Safety and security projects will begin being implemented in 2021.

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    Remove Most or All Portables Remove All or Most Portables

    Being in a portable means being somewhat disconnected in a school environment. While the plan right-sizes the district with regard to student seats, it also meets the needs for growth where it has already happened and where it is expected. The plan estimates the ability to eliminate more than 400 portables, enabling those students and teachers to reconnect with their peers and colleagues in main school buildings.

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    Improve Student Learning Icon Improve Student Learning

    Research is clear that the quality of the space matters for the quality of learning. Natural light, air quality and temperature, acoustics, and a sense of safety are some of the areas that multiple studies have identified as significant factors impacting learning outcomes. Much like the workplace for adults, purposefully designed student spaces lead to higher productivity and more learning.

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