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    The Douglas Anderson School of the Arts Counseling Department brings you the 2021 version of Underclassman Night for 9th and 10th grade students and families.



  • Welcome DA Families to our Virtual Underclassman Night. The School Counseling Department and Friends are excited to present important information about high school and post-secondary planning, Bright Futures, academic curriculum, and mental health awareness.

    First, please fill out the survey below to document your virtual attendance.


    As you are viewing the pre-recorded presentations, be sure to jot down any questions you may have. There will be an online form at the bottom of the page for you to submit any questions to be addressed by the school counselors. Once all questions have been collected, a FAQ document will be emailed to all Underclassman Night Attendees.

  • Freshman and Sophomore Plan

    This presentation will discuss

    • Graduation Requirements
    • Grade Point Averages
    • Community Service/Extracurricular Activities
    • Academic Skills
    • College Exploration


  • Academic Curriculum

    This presentation will discuss:

    • Types of Courses: Honors, Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment
    • Scheduling Process
    • Course Offerings


  • Bright Futures

    This presentation will discuss:

    • Bright Futures GPA Requirement
    • Bright Futures Test Score Requirement
    • Bright Futures Community Service Requirement


  • Mental Health

    This presentation will discuss:

    • Mental health overview
    • Mental health in DCPS
    • How DCPS addresses Mental Health
    • What parents/guardians can do


  • Final Words

    THANK YOU for attending our Virtual Underclassman Night. We hope this presentation was informative, and provided you and your family guidance on navigating 9th and 10th grades.

    Below, you will find a form for you to ask any general questions regarding any of the pre-recorded presentations. We will send a FAQ document addressing your questions via email to all attendees. For any questions specific to your student, please email those questions directly to your student's school counselor.