Who is Eligible for AVID Secondary

  • AVID students meet at least ONE of the following critiera AND they are selected through an application process that identifies the academic middle within their school.

    • Average to high test scores
    • 2.0 - 3.5 grade point average
    • Desire to attend college
    • Desire and determination to succeed 
    • Maintaing satisfactory citizenship record
    • Maintain satisfactory attendance record
    • Strong work habits
    • First in family to attend or graduate from college
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AVID Student Expectations

    • Maintain above average academic progress
    • Keep an organized three-ring binder or ebinder
    • Take notes in all classes
    • Maintain an above average attendance and citizenship record
    • Maintain "individual determination" to succeed
    • Participate in weekly tutorials
    • Enroll in and successfully complete advanced, honors, and accelerated courses
    • Completed Algebra 1 and have taken multiple higher level courses by 8th Grade 
    • Completed a minimum of 3 AP or Dual Enrollment courses by high school graduation