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    Is Virtual Education available to everyone?
    Yes, it is available to anyone in grades k-12. If you believe that learning from home provided by certified teachers and virtual curriculum is the type of education you desire, then we invite you to enroll.

    How do I know if virtual education is right for me?
    A successful student in virtual education is organized, self-motivated, well supported, and possesses a strong desire to learn. The teachers serve as a facilitator guiding the student through instruction, and therefore, the student is held accountable for their time and effort in the learning process.

    Why should I choose virtual education?
    Virtual education is a wonderful opportunity for students who need personalized learning opportunities, prefer to learn at home or in one on one environment, students who have attended private schools but have been affected by the economy, students who travel, students with medical issues, students who are parents, students who need to work, students who are athletes, performers, and students who prefer to accelerate and move at a faster pace. It is also for parents who want to be involved in their child’s education.

    What is the cost?
    Free to Duval County Residents.

    Who teaches the online courses?
    Our teachers are some of the best teachers in the state. All of our teachers are highly qualified and several hold National Board Certifications. All teachers as well will serve as subject matter experts and none will be considered out of field. We believe that the teacher can make a difference in the life of a child, and their positive relationship with the child and parent through their educational process will be a determining factor in their success.

    What is the difference between virtual and traditional students?


    Virtual students will follow the Duval County School Calendar. While students have day to day flexibility, they are expected to reach certain points in their courses by nine weeks and semester breaks.


    Virtual students and parents will have immediate access to their progress and grades. However, virtual educators are required to communicate with the parent to review the child’s progress at least once a month. As a parent, you will notice the high touch and high value that the teacher has for your child.


    Virtual students will follow the same Pupil Progression Plan as traditional students.

    School Hours

    Virtual students can work on their curriculum when it fits their needs and schedule. Flexibility in the day-to-day is completely up to the student and their parent/guardian. Students and parents will need to make sure they are aware of when their teachers are available should they need one on one assistance.

    How do I enroll?
    When enrollment is open, information is available on our Registration Page