• Registration Process

    New to Duval County Public Schools?

    Step 1: Create a public user account by clicking here. This will allow you to access Duval HomeRoom/Oneview. Duval HomeRoom/Oneview is our single sign-on application that allows legal guardians to access student's grades, information and up-to-date district news. 

    Step 2: Complete the online enrollment application here. Once your application has been processed, your child will be entered into our Student Information System (Focus) and assigned a student identification number.

    Step 3: Connect your students' Focus account to your parent Duval HomeRoom account by clicking here.

    Step 4: Log in to Your Focus Parent Account. Students linked to your parent account will appear in the left hand column.

    Log in to your Focus Account

    Step 5: Select Child Info under the student you would like to enroll in DVIA. If you have additional children participating in DVIA, select their Name on the left, Child Info and repeat the process.

    Verify the current school year is selected. Click on Forms and select Duval Virtual School (DVIA) Interest Form from the drop-down.

    Select Child Info

    Step 6: After you have selected your child, submit the Duval Virtual School (DVIA) Interest Form from the Forms drop-down menu. Once the form opens, make a selection and Submit Request.

    Select Form