Chaffee Trail Elementary believes there is a reasonable connection between proper dress and grooming and maintaining school discipline.  Students should come to school clean, neatly dressed in correctly fitted clothing, and wearing proper shoes (no flip flops or backless sandals).


    Regular dress code rules will be enforced for students in Kindergarten to 5th grade.  (Refer to the Duval County Student Code of Conduct.)


    At Chaffee Trail Elementary, we feel that our parents and community members are role models for our students. Therefore, parents and any adults entering our building, whether going to visit a classroom, walking through the hallway, or attending a school event, are asked to dress appropriately.  Prohibited clothing includes leggings or form fitting clothes without proper outer coverage, shorts or shirts above finger tip length, sagging pants, clothing or hats with profane or offensive words, shirts that expose the midriff area or cleavage, and see-through attire.


    Thank you for helping to support our standards for dress and for being a great role model for our students.


    Link to Student Code of Conduct (Dress Code included)