Duval HomeRoom Students

All Duval HomeRoom students are required to test in person for the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA).

  • Duval HomeRoom students, please check with your ELA/ Math teachers for the sessions you will need to attend for FSA testing.

    8th Grade Science, Biology, Algebra and Civics: please check with your content area teachers for the testing days you will need to attend.

    To ensure that we have ample opportunities, as well as to keep social distancing guidelines, we have assigned each Duval HomeRoom student specific days to test. If a student cannot attend the designated day, students can come to the following testing days listed for that content area.


    FSA ELA Reading Dates (ALL grade levels) :
    • May 4th and 5th
    • May 10th and 11th
    • May 18th and 19th
    FSA Mathematics (ALL grade levels):
    • May 6th and 7th
    • May 13th and 14th
    • May 25th and May 26th
    8th Grade Science:
    • May 12th
    • May 17th
    • May 13th and 14th
    • May 25th and 26th
    • May 20th
    • May 27th
    • May 12th
    • May 17th