•  The Title IX TEAM

    School and District staff are responsible for serving in key roles when an allegation of sexual harassment has been made against a Respondent.  They include the District Title IX Coordinator, School-Based Title IX Coordinator, Investigator, Decision-Maker and Appellate Decision-Maker. If an allegation is made and requires a Title IX response, these individuals (collectively referred to as the "Title IX Team") are responsible for ensuring that the procedures occur in an equitable manner that does not infringe upon the rights of the Complainant or the Respondent. Their respective roles are outlined in further detail below.

    District Title IX Coordinator

    The role of the District Title IX Coordinator is to:

      • Oversee efforts to investigate, remedy, stop, and prevent all forms of gender-based harassment, including sexual harassment within educational programs and activities,
      • Ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of the process;
      • Guide timeline compliance;
      • Arrange for appeals;
      • Train Investigators, Decision-Makers and Appellate Decision-Makers;
      • Supervise the investigative process;
      • Help Investigators develop investigation strategy;
      • Coordinate supportive measures; and
      • Keep records.


    School-Based Title IX Coordinator

    Each school must designate a Title IX Coordinator. School-Based Title IX Coordinators are Administrators who have been trained and are to:

      • Facilitate the flow of information between the school site and the Office of Equity and Inclusion/Professional Standards regarding any allegation of a sexual nature;
      • Gather the information necessary to determine:
        • What type of investigation is required based on the information available; and
        • Whether a matter needs to follow the detailed Title IX procedures required by federal or state law or School Board policies.


    Title IX Investigator

    Title IX Investigators are responsible for:

      • Investigating formal complaints of sexual harassment;
      • Conducting thorough, reliable, and prompt investigations;
      • Acting impartially, by avoiding pre-judgment, bias, and conflicts of interest;
      • Reviewing the applicable federal and state laws and School Board policies to ensure that all necessary evidence has been gathered for Decision-Makers; and
      • Drafting Investigative Reports



    The role of the Title IX Decision-Maker is to:

      • Receive the Investigative Report and evidence;
      • Facilitate a follow-up question and answer process for the Complainant and Respondent; and
      • Use the applicable federal and state law and School Board policies to render a decision based on the information contained in the Investigative Report.
      • NOTE - The Decision-Maker cannot be the same person as the Title IX Coordinator or the Investigator.


    Appellate Decision-Maker

    The Title IX Appellate Decision-Maker is responsible for:

      • Understanding the relevant definitions and the grounds for appeal;
      • Responding to appeals in a timely manner;
      • Returning the determination to the Decision-Maker for additional review (as necessary); and
      • Providing the Complainant and Respondent with a determination on the appeal.
      • NOTE - The Appellate Decision-Maker cannot be the same person as the Decision-Maker that reached the determination regarding responsibility or dismissal, the Investigator, or the Title IX Coordinator.