• Title IX Process

    For the purpose of addressing formal complaints of sexual harassment, a recipient's grievance process must comply with the requirements of the Title IX regulations.  Further, a recipient's grievance process must treat Complainants and Respondents equitably by providing remedies to a Complainant where a determination of responsibility for sexual harassment has been made against the Respondent, and by following a grievance process that complies with the regulations before the imposition of any disciplinary sanctions or other actions that are not supportive measures as defined in 34 C.F.R. §106.30 against a Respondent.


    The following is a general outline of the Title IX Process.

    Step 1 - The Complainant (i.e., victim) or a third party reports allegations of sexual harassment.

    Step 2 - The Title IX Coordinator conducts initial meetings with the parties (i.e., the Complainant and Respondent) and offers supportive measures.

    Step 3 - A formal written complaint is filed. 

    Step 4 - The grievance process begins.

    Step 5 - A determination is made as to whether Title IX applies to the allegations.

    • If Title IX does apply, a written notice of allegations is provided to the parties, and the investigation begins.
    • If Title IX does not apply, a determination is made as to whether a dismissal is warranted. In the event of a dismissal, either party may appeal.

    Step 6 - The Investigator conducts the investigation (i.e., interviews the parties and witnesses, gathers evidence, etc.), presents all evidence to the parties for review and inspection, drafts an Investigative Report, and provides the report to the parties.

    Step 7 - The Decision-Maker facilitates a question and answer process for the Complainant and Respondent, determines relevancy of questions, and renders a written determination based on the facts contained in the Investigative Report.

    Step 8 - Either party may appeal the written determination, and the Appellate Decision-Maker provides a final written determination regarding the appeal.