• Written Determinations

    Upon review of the final Investigative Report and relevant evidence, the Decision-Maker must issue a Written Determination to the Complainant and Respondent.

    • The Written Determination must include the following:
      • allegations;
      • procedural steps; 
      • factual findings/policy findings and analysis for each; 
      • conclusions regarding whether the alleged conduct occurred; 
      • the rationale for the result as to each allegation; 
      • any disciplinary sanctions imposed on the Respondent; 
      • whether remedies will be provided to the Complainant, and 
      • the appeals process.

    The Written Determination must be provided to the parties simultaneously and must include the recipient’s procedures and permissible bases for the Complainant and Respondent to appeal the decision.

    Additionally, records of all sexual harassment investigations, determinations, sanctions and remedies, appeals, and actions taken by a recipient must be maintained by the recipient for a period of seven (7) years.