• Chaffee Trail Elementary School
    Parent, Student, and School Compact

    Chaffee Trail Elementary School is a Title 1 School and as such participates in activities, services, and programs funded by Title 1, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). This compact serves as an agreement between the staff, parents, and students and describes how each stakeholder at Chaffee Trail Elementary will work together and share responsibility in improving student success and academic achievement. This compact outlines the means by which Chaffee Trail Elementary, it’s staff, parents, and guardians will develop a partnership that will empower our students to meet Florida Educational Standards in the following ways:

    Chaffee Trail Elementary School Responsibilities:

    Chaffee Trail Elementary School’s Teachers and Staff will:

    • Provide high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that enables our students to meet Florida Standards in the following ways:

    ➢ Chaffee Trail Elementary School teachers are certified by the State of Florida and teach Florida Standards using high-quality research based instructional materials.
    ➢ Provide focused instruction
    ➢ Implementing the Florida Continuous Improvement Model and the strategies outlined in the School Improvement Plan. The School Improvement Plan is available to  all parents and guardians upon request.
    ➢ Teachers will consider the needs and concerns of individual students and parents when developing assignments.

    • Maintain open and effective communication with parents and guardians to keep them informed of their child’s progress by:

    ➢ Offering parent-teacher conferences during the first nine weeks of school where this compact will be discussed as it relates to the individual child’s achievement.
    ➢ Offering and scheduling additional conferences as needed upon request.
    ➢ Provide parents with regular reports on their child’s academic progress. Specifically, the school will provide reports 4 ½ weeks into the quarter at progress report time, and every nine weeks via distribution of report cards.
    ➢ Teachers and staff will additionally regularly communicate with parents by use of daily agendas, teacher and school websites, and virtual platforms such as Bloomz, Remind, ClassTag, and the DCPS app.
    ➢ Providing parents reasonable access to staff via communication through the teacher’s virtual platforms, through written notes or emails, and by telephone via leaving the teacher a phone message.
    ➢ Providing opportunities to assist parents in helping their child be successful through opportunities such as Parent Academy, Parent and Family Engagement nights, and the Title 1 Parent Involvement Room.
    ➢ Distributing a quarterly newsletter to provide parents with school wide information.
    ➢ Encouraging parents to participate in their child’s academic journey through ongoing communication with the teacher.

    Parent or Guardian Responsibilities:
    I, as a Parent or Guardian, will support my student’s academic achievement by:

    ➢ Ensuring that my student attends school on time each day, well rested and ready to learn.
    ➢ Limiting the number of absences and early check outs my student has unless completely unavoidable.
    ➢ Ensuring that my student completes homework and classwork assigned to him or her, and submits work in a timely manner.
    ➢ Participating in my student’s education by attending conferences, school scheduled events, and through volunteering when possible through whatever means are allowed according to district policy. *Note: Current Pandemic restrictions may apply
    ➢ Reading and signing the agenda nightly to stay informed regarding my student’s behaviors, assignments, and school events.
    ➢ Checking my child’s backpack, take home folder, and/or homework folder nightly to stay informed of progress and expectations.
    ➢ Communicating with the teacher as needed regarding my child’s academic progress and/or behaviors in the classroom.
    ➢ Encouraging my child to maintain positive behaviors in the classroom and to follow classroom and school rules.
    ➢ Providing and maintaining accurate and up to date contact information for the teacher and the blue card.
    ➢ Checking the Focus portal regularly to stay informed regarding my child’s academic progress and attendance.


    Student Responsibilities:
    I, as a student of Chaffee Trail Elementary agree to be responsible for my learning and academic achievement by:

    ➢ Coming to school every school day, on time, and ready to learn.
    ➢ Completing and submitting classwork and homework as assigned to the best of my ability.
    ➢ Reading 20 minutes every night.
    ➢ Participating in class and asking my teacher for help when needed.
    ➢ Following classroom rules, school rules, and rules set forth by the Duval County School Board’s Student Code of Conduct.
    ➢ Maintaining a positive attitude that is respectful of my teachers, school staff, and classmates.
    ➢ Ensuring that all written forms of communication that are sent home are given to my parent or guardian to review.  

    I have received a copy of the Parent, Student, and School Compact.



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