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  • What is a returning student? 

    A child is a returning student if they at one point withdrew from the school district and are now returning. Withdrawing from the school district can mean withdrawing from a district-managed school, a charter school in the county, or a home education program.

    Example: A child who transferred from a district-managed school to a private school; Or transferred out of county or out of state. Now that child is returning to a district-managed school. 

    Below are instructions on how to re-enroll. Families are also encouraged to make an appointment with a school choice specialist for assistance. 

      Step 1 - Reactivate your student's ID number

      • To reactivate your student's ID number, contact the Office of School Choice or your zoned neighborhood school. If you email the Office of School Choice include the following with your request: copy of parent's driver's license, student's birth certificate, residential address documents and a copy of your student's most recent report card.

        Note - Families of students who are currently enrolled in a charter school in the district, a home education program or another choice option offered by the district have an active student ID number.

      Step 2 - Create a Parent Account (if needed)

      • If you have not previously created a Parent Account, visit www.duvalschools.org/focus. Follow the directions to complete steps two through five.

        If you have an account, but have forgotten your password, need to change your password, or edit any of your personal information click on Forgot Password.

      Step 3 - Select a school

      • Once the Student ID is reactivated, and a Parent FOCUS Account is created, families have access to student information in FOCUS.

        If your family wishes to enroll in your attendance area school, reach out to the school for next steps. Visit the School Locator to determine your attendance area of school.

        If your family wishes to apply to a school outside your attendance area, make an appointment with the Office of School Choice to discuss enrollment options.

      Step 4 - Complete enrollment

      • Once school has been identified, families should contact the school and make an appointment to provide any additional documentation needed to complete enrollment. This includes proof of residency.