• School Supply Drop-off


    Come meet the Seabreeze Staff at the 21-22 Supply Drop Off! Here is some great information to help you as you prepare for the upcoming school year:
    1. All teacher assignments begin to post in FOCUS over the next few weeks. ALL placements are fluid and are subject to change based on enrollment and the 10-day count. The goal is less movement, but we need your understanding that classroom teachers are subject to change in the first quarter.
    2. Materials need to be individually labeled with your child’s name. There should be no communal supplies. Have your items in a grocery bag, box, or crate to assist with drop off.
    3. On the dates and times, the grade level(s) will be in the car rider loop off America Ave. This is a drive-thru process. Teachers will have signs identifying themselves and will have bins/flatbeds to collect belongings. We ask that you not park and walk up to keep the process efficient.
    4. Our goal is to be both efficient and accessible. You’ll have a couple of minutes to swing by, say hello, drop off belongings, and be on your way. (No conferences, please.) Our staff will have “first-day” packets and PTA packets.
    5. DUE to rising numbers of the Delta variant, you will NOT be able to walk your child into school the first day. Additionally, parents and volunteers will not have access for the First 9 Weeks. With this news, we ask that you return to CDC guidance and consider that this group of children are strongly encouraged to wear masks. You will be given an opt-in/opt-out hard copy form and also be asked to make the selection in FOCUS.