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    PMA 3 Information


    The PMA 3 window is February 18th - March 9th. The viewing window is March 10th - April 1st. 

    The saved filters are now available for PMA3. These links open a Baseball Card or Scoreboard report for PMA1, PMA2, and PMA3 student performance on the overall test and assessed standards. Standards on all PMAs are grouped together to gauge progression.

    The pattern scored achievement levels for PMA1, PMA2 and PMA3 are included. 

    In order to view your school's standards progression over time along with the student tracking information, click the links in the attachment below. 

    SPOT PMA3 Saved Filters - Baseball Card

    SPOT PMA3 Saved Filters - Scoreboard


    Pattern Scoring Information


    Pattern Scoring is a statistical process that assigns weights to individual items and then gives a scale score and achievement level for each student assessed.  Typically, when we give an assessment, we use the test average to see how well students performed on a given test. This can help to tell us if the students understood the coursework.

    However, the test average does not take into consideration how difficult the items were or how well the item performance relates to the students’ overall mastery of the material. This is where pattern scoring comes into play.

    Below are the resources created by DAT to help you better understand Pattern Scoring.


    Pattern Scoring Tutorial

    Pattern Scoring Webinar


    New Performance Matters Feature:

    Standards Progression Over Time!


    In Baseball Card and Scoreboard, you can look at students’ standard performance over the course of the year using district and/or school-based assessments.

    Below are tutorials outlining this new report.


    SPOT Tutorial

    SPOT Webinar


    New Professional Development Course:

    SPOT Remediation Cycle


    Below you will find the tutorial and webinar for this new offering.

    Purpose of Course:

    It can be difficult to choose where to begin when interpreting data and then implementing remediation.

    The intention of this class is to show one way that you can analyze assessment results to create small groups and check for mastery.

    This cycle will utilize the tools available in PM to effectively monitor student progress over time.


    Step 1: SPOT Analysis using Baseball Card and Scoreboard

    Step 2: Create a Remediation Plan

    Step 3: Create a Saved Filter to Monitor Small Groups

    Step 4: Re-Assess with AKO Assessment


    SPOT Remediation Cycle Tutorial 

    SPOT Remediation Cycle Webinar

    SPOT Example AKO for Training