• School Counseling Core Lessons

    Mamie Agnes Jones Elementary School

    Core Counseling Lessons

                                                     Grades K-5                                                

    Grace Wilhelm, MA


    Month          Lesson Topic            45–50-minute lessons

    August                  Hello Lesson:  Hello Bingo, Mrs. Potato Head, Hello Jenga

    October               Hygiene and Hand Washing: Role Play, Create Hand Washing Booklet     

    November          Covid-19             

    November          Bully Prevention: Spookly, Kindness Catcher, Kindness Wheel, Conflict Resolution

    November          Empathy, Giving

    December           Stress Management: Stress Buster curriculum, 2-minute Interview

    December           Laziness (Responsibility)

    January                Kindness: Kindness Confetti Booklet

    January                Child Safety Matters – Lesson 1, Child Abuse Prevention

    February              Child Safety Matters – Lesson 2, Child Abuse Prevention

    February              Team Building: Parachutes, Working Together, Leadership

    March                   Zones of Regulation: The Green Zone, The Four Zones, Self-Regulation Curriculum

    March                   STEM Careers, Drone Careers

    March                   Zones of Regulation: Zones Bingo, Self-Regulation

    April                       Integrity

    April                       Water Safety

    May                       Zones of Regulation: Zones Booklets (K-1), Self-Regulation

    May                       Responsibility and Careers (K-1), integrated lesson with character education

    May                       Career Bingo (2-5)

    May                       Fifth Grade Transition to Sixth Grade Lesson (fifth grade only) Guest from middle school


    School-Wide Activities Spearheaded by Counselor - 2020-2021

    September         Leadership Essays for State and County: Hispanic History, Black History, FL Dept of Agriculture (grades 4 and 5)

    October               Jax Goes to College Week

    October               Red Ribbon Week

    October               Unity Day  

    October               Kindness Kar-nival

    November          Kindness Canned Goods Collection

    February              National School Counseling Week

    February              Internet Safety Week    


    Other – See School Wide Attendance Activities