• Sandalwood High School - Class Officer Information 

    IMPORTANT DATES 20-21 School Year 

    Declaration of Candidacy Form (word file) Declaration of Candidacy (pdf file)

    August 13th Mandatory meeting for all candidates during your lunch. All Early College candidates will need to attend one of the lunch meetings.

    August 20th Declaration of Candidacy submitted to Mrs. Guzzone through Forms Application

    August 20th  Headshot uploaded to Candidate team on Microsoft Teams App. You will use the assignment called Headshot to upload your picture.

    August 27th – All campaign posters due to Mrs. Guzzone

    August 30-Sept 3rd -  Campaign week

    September 3rd  Voting


    1. Five Class Officers will be elected for each class. President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Historian.
    2. A candidate for Class Office must have a minimum cumulative unweighted 3.0 GPA. Freshmen running for office will be approved based on 3.0 GPA from last semester of 8th grade.
    3. Candidates must be able to perform the essential duties of the office as outlined in the officer descriptions.
    4. Candidates must be registered at Sandalwood High School for the 2021-22 school year.
    5. Candidates for Class Officer will choose and run for the one position as selected on the declaration of candidacy page. All candidates will participate in voting.
    6. Your class cohort will be the ones voting for your class officers. For example, only seniors will vote for senior officers, only juniors will vote for junior officers, etc.

    Class Officer Descriptions

    1. President: Conducts and presides over all officer and class meetings and is responsible to motivate the officers and delegate responsibilities.
    2. Vice President: Assists the President and fills the responsibilities of the President if they are absent.
    3. Secretary; Maintains records of each meeting’s minutes and is responsible for all correspondence such as letters, thank you notes, etc.
    4. Treasurer: Helps sponsor maintain the records of the class and helps to create budgets for events.
    5. Historian: Responsible for documenting events throughout the year and coordinate advertising for school activities.

    Obligations and Requirements for SHS class officer

    1. As an officer of Sandalwood High school, you will represent your class. As such, you are a role model and must support the student body, other officers, your advisor, the administration and faculty.
    2. You are expected to support the various school activities with your attendance including games, concerts, dances, plays and other events.
    3. If you are attending an event in a formal capacity as an officer, you are expected to dress appropriately for the event.
    4. You will be under the supervision of a faculty advisor who is responsible for seeing that each Class Officer meets their obligations to the students and the school. The advisor is also a teacher and will instruct officers on how to be effective in their role as leaders and how to successfully plan, organize and implement beneficial school activities. All decisions should be made with advisor and receive final approval form the advisor before action is taken by the officers to implement any idea.
    5. If possible, officers will be placed in leadership class.
    6. As a chosen representative of the school you are expected to model the behaviors expected of those in a leadership role.

    Student Government Code of Conduct

    Sandalwood High School has established certain rules which all attending students are required to meet. The elected officers are expected to strictly adhere to these rules. All participating students must read the Code of Conduct to ensure comprehension of expectations and required conduct.

    Attendance: Students are expected to be in attendance in class unless guardian excused or officially excused by an advisor or administrator prior to missing class.

    Academics: All student government officers are required to maintain an unweighted 3.0 GPA. Officers must not have received any F, NG, or I grade once elected to office. Any officer not in compliance with academic requirements may be removed from office.

    Behavior: All behavior must meet the highest standards, remembering that you represent Sandalwood High School. Bullying, cursing, or any other lewd behaviors (including on social media) will result in disciplinary action. Behaviors that violate the Code of Conduct may cause a removal from office. Any action taken by the administration for discipline while in office will be examined and determine continued status as a class officer.

    The following behaviors will result in immediate removal from office:

    Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drug violations. Students serving in Student Government positions should not be in possession of under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. All district policies regarding tobacco, alcohol, and drugs are also applicable to Student Government Officers.

    Fighting will not be tolerated on or near school premises or at any time when representing Sandalwood High School.

    Elections Requirements

    Declaration of Candidacy: Submit your Declaration of Candidacy to Mrs. Leslie Guzzone by August 20th.  The Declaration of Candidacy signifies that you meet the requirements for campaigning for Student Government, and that you accept all policies and guidelines associated with Student Government. No Declarations of Candidacy will be accepted after the deadline. All Declarations of Candidacy will be reviewed by Mrs. Guzzone and school administration to ensure students meet necessary requirements. If students do not meet the necessary requirements, they will be notified of their ineligibility to campaign for Class Office and be removed from the election prior to campaign week.

    Headshot: Please submit a clear headshot of you. You must include a full front facing shot of your shoulders, neck and head only. Please ensure that you are wearing appropriate clothing. No hats, masks, or sunglasses permitted. This picture will appear in voting program.

    Election Campaign: Campaign Week (August 30th -September 3rd) you can promote your campaign through personal social media posts, and by word of mouth. You cannot create new social media accounts to campaign for class office. You cannot hand out any campaign items such as stickers, buttons or candy.  You will be allowed to hang up 4 posters in the school. They must be turned into Mrs. Guzzone by August 27th, and she will hang them up. Voting will be on September 3rd.

    Slanderous or negative campaigning is strictly prohibited and result in termination of candidacy.