• Welcome Duval Virtual Students and Families to the 2021-22 School Year!! We are very happy to have you joining our school. We apologize up front for the delays related to getting rolling with your schedules and courses. We have grown by over 1,200 new students since August 19. Your patience and understanding is very appreciated!!!


     You have hopefully had a moment to read the note composed for you by our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Diana Greene.  As stated in her letter, we can accomplish great things when we pull together as a family and a team and that is exactly what we are doing at Duval Virtual Instruction Academy in the 2021/2022 school year!! 


    Your first day of school on record will be the day that your student's schedule is in Edgenuity, our education platform. One wonderful aspect of fully virtual learning is that we can adjust the timeframe and the calendar for pacing and course completion. Your pacing will also be adjusted to ensure that you have the needed time to complete your courses for the Fall Term.

    Please be patient with us as we work to get you started. Please know that there will be no attendance penalty or academic issue of falling behind if your student(s) do not have courses during the processing period. Our team will work with you to make sure that your student is set up for a successful school year.


    To ensure that you and your student(s) are addressed as quickly as we can process, please make sure to tend to these tasks: 


    • Visit our Parents webpage https://dcps.duvalschools.org/domain/12346 to familiarize yourself with information that is vital to being informed in our school.  Parents, as your student’s Learning Coach, you will be a big part of our team in helping your student stay on pace.  Take some time to work through the fully digital DVIA Orientation Guide with your student(s).  This is the best way to know what to do once courses are loaded, whether you are a family of a Kindergartener or Senior.    
    • If you have not done so already, be sure that you create your Edgenuity Account based on the directions sent in the acceptance letter, and that you can access the username and password that Edgenuity emailed to you after creating your account.  The student should login daily during the 10-business day window to see if classes have been loaded.  Though there is no attendance penalty before courses are loaded, once they load, the attendance process begins.  Remember, unlike brick & mortar schools, in virtual school, your course does not start until you are placed in it.   
    • Closely watch all orientation videos when they play to see the useful tips and tools available to you on this platform.  Explore your Student Information System (SIS) dashboard, then click on your course titles (when they load) to access our Learning Management System (LMS) where your coursework is located.  
    • When your courses do load, if a change in schedule is needed, you will find the link to request it on your Edgenuity Announcement page where your courses are located. Or, simply click here 
    • Return to your Orientation Guide for best practices on: getting a strong start, contacting your teachers for welcome calls, sample schedules, and frequently asked questions.  Your teachers will answer any further questions in as they introduce themselves to their assigned students during their welcome call.  No need to wait for a call before starting.  Check your message center and get started after reading their welcome message to you.  
    • And finally… if you are new to virtual learning or even to an asynchronous format, remind yourself that change feels unfamiliar at first, but we’ll help you in making that transition quickly.  Our staff remembers what it feels like to be new to online learning and they are always happy to assist with success-skills training.    


    We're excited to have your family joining us here at Duval Virtual Instruction Academy!!