• Expected delays

    Delays of greater than 30 minutes past the normal time are expected today on the following routes. Updates to possible delayed routes are made as soon as we are aware of the issue.

    Reported delays are posted in the order of most recent update.   


    Sept. 24th Afternoon Route Delays  


    Lake Shore MS 452 covering 251 Delayed  
    Stanton College Prep 182 Delayed  
    Frank Peterson HS 172,247 Delayed  
    Joseph Stilwell MS 172, 247 Delayed  
    Joseph Stilwell MS 465 Delayed  
    Andrew Jackson HS 923 Delayed  
    Springfield MS 923 Delayed  
    Mt. Herman SS 523 Delayed  
    RV Daniels ES 209 Delayed  
    Darnell Cookman MS 674 Delayed  
    Stanton College Prep 674 Delayed  
    Oak Hill ES 678 Delayed  
    Westview K8 660 Delayed  
    Normandy Village ES 660 Delayed  
    Sabal Palm ES 446 Delayed  
    Waterleaf ES 446 Delayed  
    Paxon HS 363 Delayed  
    James W Johnson MS 363 Delayed  
    Atlantic Coast HS 226, 221 Delayed  
    William Raines HS 355 Delayed  116
    Riverside HS 871, 35 Delayed  
     Atlantic Coast HS 630 Delayed