• Bus Delays

  • Our bus contractors work very hard to serve our schools! If you would like to join the Duval Driving Team, visit the  Bus Drivers Wanted webpage for more information.   

How are delays posted

  • Delays of greater than 30 minutes past the normal time are posted on this site. Updates to possible delayed routes are made as soon as we are aware of the issue. Note - time refers to when the Transportation Team was notified of the delay and updated the information on the webpage.


How to Search

    • To view all delays - Press the "submit" button.
    • To view a specific delay - You can search for specific delays by school or by bus number. You can also adjust the filter from "Starts With" to "Contains." Simply press the drop down arrowDrop down arrow
    • To reset search - After searching, you can reset the search by reloading the page. 
    • If you're viewing this on a mobile phone - turn your phone sideways or landscape to view all the data. 


September 29, 2023 Afternoon Delays

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