The Duval County Public School Board adopted four high-level academic goals and five guiding principles in April 2021 to frame the strategic priorities of the district through 2026. These goals and guidelines now represent the highest achievement priorities for the leadership, faculty, and staff of Duval County Public Schools.

    Voices of community stakeholders resonate through Duval County Public Schools’ five-year plan. In late 2020, the Board facilitated 11 in-person and online community input sessions. That stakeholder input formed the foundation for an extensive series of Board conversations, guided by the Council of Great City Schools, about the desired future for our schools.

    The plan focuses extensively on student achievement, the dominant theme from community engagement sessions. That focus is reflected in the simple name of the plan, Achieve ’26, a clarion call to an even higher standard for a district that has already made extensive strides in student outcomes.

    Duval County Public Schools is now recognized nationally as one the nation’s best urban school districts, a district “beating the odds” within the context of Jacksonville’s economic and demographic conditions.

    Accomplishment of the Achieve ‘26 goals will make Duval one of the highest performing school districts of any type in the United States, and that is the desired future for our students and our community.

  • Monitor Progress


    • LITERACY: DCPS will improve from the bottom quartile of Florida Standards Assessment reading and writing performance in June 2019 to the top quartile of performance statewide by August 2026.

    • HIGH-PERFORMING SCHOOLS: DCPS will be recognized as being high-performing with the percentage of district-operated schools earning an A, B, or C rating increasing from 2019 to 2026.

    • SOFT-SKILLS: DCPS will improve the post-secondary readiness of graduates by increasing the percentage of students earning soft skills credentials from the baseline in August 2023 to August 2026.

    • VOCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: DCPS Career Technical Education (CTE) programs will be recognized as high-performing with the percentage of programs becoming novice, or moving from 1 performance level to the next (advanced, master, or national model) increasing from the baseline in July 2021 to July 2026.



    • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE EDUCATORS: DCPS will recruit and retain highly effective educators.

    • FISCAL TRANSPARENCY: DCPS will be fiscally transparent and communicate quarterly regarding the sales surtax.

    • HIGH QUALITY PARTNERSHIPS: DCPS will strategically increase family and community partnership opportunities aligned to the board’s goals.

    • STUDENT SUPPORTS: DCPS will provide struggling students with the supports they need to be successful.

    • CULTURE & CLIMATE: DCPS will provide a culture and climate that improves academic, social, and emotional development.