Registration for a sport at Baldwin  

    Aktivate allows parents to register their student-athletes for sports online. Here are some basic steps to follow when registering your athlete:

    If you do not already have an account

    1. Go to aktivate.com
    2. Click Login
    3. Then click Create Account
    4. Fill out all of the information
    5. Click Submit when finished. 

    Your account is now created, you will need to complete a registration for your athletes next.  After you have completed this step, move on to the next section.  

    If you already have an account

    1. Go to aktivate.com
    2. Click Login 
    3. Log in with your email/username and password.
    4. Open on the Parent Portal by clicking Click here to start/complete athlete registrations
    5. Click on Start/Complete Registrations. This is on the left-hand side of the screen under the section "what would you like to do?"
    6. select Click Here to Start New Registration.
    7. Click Select School
    8. Select your school from the list of previously registered schools OR search for your school at the bottom using the state filter and the search bar.
    9. Click Select Athlete
    10. Select an existing athlete and then Use the selected Athlete OR Select Add New Athlete. 
    11. Click Select Year/Sport
    12. Select what academic year your athlete will participate in
    13. Select a sport for your athlete and click Submit
    14. Please review the information carefully before submitting it. Once you have reviewed the information click I have selected the correct information


    You have now created a registration!

    Continue to click and complete the red or yellow bars as they appear on the page until you reach the Registration Checklist.

    Registration Checklist

    This is where documents will be read and agreed to, legally binding E-Signatures will be completed, physicals will be uploaded, and fees can be paid. Once this section is complete, the registration is complete. Any requirements here that require the parent to upload a document will also require that the school’s athletic administration approve the document, so please do not be alarmed if the status is Pending School Approval. Your registration is complete once all items on the checklist have been completed. 

    Additional Athletes: If you have additional student-athletes to register, you can start a new registration and add them as an athlete. You do not need to create another login for additional athletes. Once you add them, they will be available to select next time.