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    Back in the day, there were limited choices for students. Their elementary, middle, and high schools were assigned to them based on their address. 

    However, today is a new day! Students and families now have hundreds of learning options to choose from. Some schools have a focus on visual and performing arts. Or medicine. Or video gaming. Or STEM. Because we're a choice school district, families can explore these options, even if the school is outside their attendance area zone. 

    Click on this link to learn about the application process for schools outside of your attendance-area. Also, click on the categories below to learn about the multiple learning pathways available.

    Note: Placement in a school outside your attendance-area school is not guaranteed. If a student wishes to remain in their attendance-area school, there is no need for an application. The transition between elementary, middle, and high school in the child's attendance area is automatic.



      Neighborhood Schools

      • Also known as the zoned attendance-area school, a neighborhood school is the school that is zoned for your residential address. Your child will be enrolled in this school if you do not participate in the school choice application process (known as the school choice lottery).


        If your child is entering their neighborhood school as a kindergartner, from a private school, or from another county or state, you will need to provide documents that verify your residential address and additional enrollment documentation. See New Students section


        As your child transitions to different grade levels or goes from elementary to middle to high in their neighborhood schools,  you will not need to re-enroll your child


        To find your neighborhood school, use the School Locator. 

      Special Transfer Option (STO) Schools

      • A special transfer school is any non-magnet school that is not your child's attendance area school.

        Duval County is a choice district and Florida is a choice state.  Families have the opportunity to apply for any school outside their zoned-attendance area. Student placement is based on seat-availability and is not guaranteed.  To increase your chances of placement, we encourage families to apply during the on-time lottery, January 1st through February 28th. Busing is not provided for special transfer students. Parents or guardians must provide transportation for their students.

        Information about the School Choice application process and opportunities available to your family can be found in this video.

        All schools have something special to offer our students and families.  

        To view the application process, click here

      Magnet Schools

      • What are magnet schools? 

        Magnet programs/schools offer a theme or focus designed to provide students an opportunity to explore an interest, gift, talent, or skill. A magnet school may feature one or more magnet programs. 

        Our magnet programs are designed to provide aligned instruction at all levels; elementary, middle and high school.  Magnet students may follow a progression from elementary to middle and middle to high with their program continuity priority, if they apply on-time to a school with the same theme.  

        Placement is not guaranteed.  Limited transportation is provided.

        What are the different types of magnet schools? 

        A dedicated magnet school is a school where the all students are magnet students and apply through the School Choice process.

        Additionally, there are non-dedicated schools that offer magnet programs. Students who live in the attendance zone have priority when applying through the School Choice process.  At the elementary level all students participate in the magnet program offered at the school.  See the School Choice Reference Guide for additional information regarding priorities.

        How many magnet programs/schools does the district have?

        The district has 54 magnet schools, of those, 20 are dedicated magnets.

        • Elementary schools: 29 magnets (5 dedicated magnets)
        • K-8 schools: 1 magnet
        • 6-12 schools: 2 magnets (1 dedicated magnet)
        • Middle schools: 13 magnets (7 dedicated magnets)
        • High schools: 12 magnets (7 dedicated magnets)

        Click on the links below to search for magnet schools by grade level and/or theme.

      Home Education

      • Home Education is a parent-directed education alternative.  This option allows the student freedom to explore and learn at his/her individual pace.  Parents who provide instruction to their children at home are requested to read carefully and comply with all of the state statutes and regulations governing the operation of a Home Education Program.
        Home Education is defined by Florida Statutes as "sequentially progressive instruction of a student directed by his or her parent in order to satisfy the attendance requirements of SS.  1002.41, 1003.01 (4), and 1003.21 (1)."  The law requires the custodial parent(s)/guardian(s) of home education students to:
        • Submit Notice of Intent to Establish a Home Education Program Form within 30 days of the start date.
        • Maintain Parent Report of Home School Grades 
        • Adhere to the Annual Evaluation Checklist 
        • Submit Notice of Intent to Terminate a Home Education Program when returning to public school.
        • All students are expected to follow the Student Code of Conduct when testing on a DCPS campus.


        Read the Home Education Guide to learn more about parent reports and annual evaluations.

        Once your child has been accepted into the Home Education program, you are free to choose the curriculum of your child. Duval County Public Schools offers Home Education families free online courses and curriculum for Grades K-12. To learn more, go to www.duvalflex.org.

        Important Forms (Download to complete and email): 
        Duval County Public Schools
        Office of School Choice
        4070 Blvd. Center Dr. 2nd Floor Jacksonville, FL 32207


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