2022-2023 School Year DCPS Home Education PERT Testing Registration

  • DCPS offers Postsecondary Education Readiness Testing (PERT) for registered Home Education students at no cost to students. The standard reading, writing, math PERT test are available following the PERT Testing Window below.

    Students may have up to 6 hours per subject area test. Students generally take approximately 30 minutes to complete the Writing test and 30-80 minutes on the Reading and Math sections, therefore, students generally take the Reading and Writing on one day and the math on another. Some students elect to take all three in one session. While students may elect to complete multiple tests during one test session, they must have started the final test by 12:00 PM.

    The registration window will close at 2:30 PM 14 days prior to the posted test date OR once the testing session has reached the maximum number of students (12) allowed to test. An email confirmation will be sent five business days prior confirming your test date, time, and location.

    All test are administered at DCPS Parent Resource Center, 4037 Boulevard Center Drive (Second Floor, Room 200), Jacksonville, 32207. Students are required to check in no later than 20 minutes prior to the start time of the test with a picture ID that includes your child’s full name and a recent photograph (passport, military ID, school ID, state ID, etc. are all accepted forms of ID). If your child doesn’t have an ID, please contact Heather Naughton (naughtonh@duvalschools.org) for a form that can be used in lieu of a picture ID. Late arrivals will NOT be allowed to test. Testing will begin promptly at the designated time. Plan according for traffic, parking, and restroom use prior to check-in.

    New for the 2022-2023 school year, all students testing on Duval County Public School campuses will need to have a completed Emergency Contact Information, Authorization for Release of Student from School and Consent to Receive School Health Services form on file in order to receive any care and/or treatment for illness, injury and/or emergency care. Forms will be attached to the confirmation email you will receive five business days prior to your testing date. Please bring the completed consent form with you to check-in. A DCPS employee will collect it and keep it on file. Only one form is needed for each school year and will cover all testing windows within the school year. Families with multiple children testing will need to complete a form for each child. Do not email any completed forms to the State Testing Office as it contains confidential information and will be deleted.

    Laptops, pencils, and paper will be available for your child to complete their test(s). Calculators are not permitted. If your child is taking the PERT Math test, there is a calculator built into the testing platform.

    Students are able to view their test scores on the date of the test and should write them down as they do not receive a printed copy. Test scores will be sent to FSCJ Dual Enrollment Coordinator for Home Education, the next business day for entering into FSCJ’s system. Qualifying College Ready PERT Scores are: Reading-106, Writing-103, and Math-114. HOWEVER, if your child has not completed the online FSCJ Dual Enrollment Application and you have not approved it a few days prior to the test date, FSCJ will not be able to enter your child's scores into their system. If you complete the online FSCJ Dual Enrollment Application the day before or later, you will need to notify FSCJ where and when you test so that they may retrieve your scores from their records for entering into their system.

    If your child has an IEP or 504, email the most recent IEP/504 to the DCPS Assessment Services Coordinator, Ms. Heather Naughton, at naughtonh@duvalschools.org.

    If you have any questions about your registration for the standard PERT test, please email the DCPS Dual Enrollment Specialist, Ms. Keisha Hampton, at hamptonk@duvalschools.org.

    Send all other inquiries to Amy Morrison (Amy.Morrison@fscj.edu) at FSCJ. 

    If your child scores above a 135 on the Math PERT and your child wishes to take the Advanced Placement Math PERT test, contact FSCJ.


    • FSCJ Home Education Registration Deadlines: Fall – July 31st/Spring – December 1st
    • In order to participate in home education dual enrollment, a student must have earned four full high school credits and meet all of the eligibility requirements as outlined by FSCJ.
    • PERT Window days are calendar days and not exclusive to school days. For example, if a student takes the PERT Math assessment on Friday, the student may retake the PERT Math assessment on Monday within a 3-day cycle.
    • Home Education students may only test on the dates in which Home Education testing is offered. Home Education students will not be tested outside of these dates, times, and locations.

    You may select to receive a receipt of your responses.


    PERT Testing Dates for the 2022-2023 School Year

    • September 8, 2022
    • October 3, 2022
    • October 20, 2022
    • November 10, 2022
    • November 14, 2022
    • November 28, 2022
    • January 30, 2023
    • February 2, 2023
    • February 27, 2023
    • March 2, 2023
    • April 10, 2023
    • April 20, 2023
    • May 1, 2023
    • May 25, 2023
    • June 5, 2023
    • June 12, 2023
    • June 15, 2023
    • June 29, 2023
    • July 10, 2023
    • July 20, 2023
    • July 24, 2023
    • July 27, 2023


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PERT Windows for the 2022-2023 School Year