• Building Trades and Welding Frameworks and Certifications


    Academy Led Teacher:  Michael Burt

    School Name of Academy:  Building Trades and Welding Academy

    FLDOE Career Cluster:  Architecture @ Construction

    FLDOE Curriculum Frameworks:  Building Trades and Construction Design Technology

    Academy Status:  Pre-Novice

    Teacher(s):  Michael Burts

                       Dr. Gaines


    Industry Certification(s):  NCCER Carpentry 1


    FLDOE Career Cluster:  Manufacturing

    FLDOE Curriculum Frameworks:  Welding Technology Fundamental’s

    Academy Status:  Pre-Novice

    Teacher(s):  Michael Burt

                      Dr. Gaines

    Industry Certification(s):  AWS Certified Welder - FCAW Plate  -AWS Certified Welder - GMAW Plate AWS Certified Welder - SMAW Pipe -AWS Certified Welder - SMAW Plate