• DA Jazz BAnd Band

    The philosophy of the DA Band Department is to give every student the opportunity to develop his/her musicianship skills on a particular instrument. This is achieved in various ways by learning and performing band, jazz, and orchestral literature. In addition, solos, ensembles, electronic music, and recording arts are offered as opportunities to learn.

    Musicianship is also developed in the Department through the use of musical etudes, rhythmic exercises, tone development, ear training, articulation, and intonation. These are just a few of the many other musical aspects of performance learned each day in class. It is important that each student understands that he/she must build a correct fundamental foundation of musical skills through practice and experiences, both heard and seen, before he/she can go to the next level of musicianship.

    On a daily basis, students concentrate on developing their musical skills in articulation, tone production, intonation, dynamics, style, blend, balance, rhythmic precision, ear training, and many others through the various literature used in class. The Department’s goal is to help students realize their full potential as they prepare for college auditions or to be future patrons of the arts.