• Instructions for checking outstanding fees/charges to your DCPS student account

    Click here for a printable version of these instructions.

    All students should be aware of any fines they have incurred over the time spent in a DCPS school so that when it comes to graduating, your process is expedited. Students can check their status by following the instructions below.

    These instructions are best if you are SIGNED ON TO A DCPS Computer that has the ability for single sign in processes.

    1. Log onto a DCPS computer

    2. Go to the website → https://duval.follettdestiny.com

    3. Locate your school’s name and click on the link to go to the correct page.

    4. Look in the top right-hand corner to find the link to Log In and click it

    5. Click Duval Single Sign On

    6. It may ask you for your Microsoft log in username. If so, you will need to use your student email address: s########@students.duvalschools.org (#=your student number)

    7. Click on MY INFO to find if you have any fees needing to be paid before you graduate.

    8. If you have any books out from previous years, now would be a good time to hunt them down and turn them in or pay for the books.

    9. Outstanding balances can be paid online.

    10. Once you clear your debt, you need to print the page so that it shows your name, and the school’s name at the top, in the middle there should be no evidence of debt in the FINES area, and at the bottom, the date and time of printing.