Mission Statement

  • The Duval County School Police Department’s mission is to provide support to the District by ensuring a safe and secure environment in our schools so that teachers can teach, and students can learn and be inspired and prepared for success in college or a career, and life. 

    Additionally, the Duval County Police Department is being innovative and raising the bar of expectations by taking more personal ownership in all police matters that occur at our facilities. We are placing more emphasis on thorough initial and follow-up investigations; more proactivity when mitigating potential violence involving known or suspected gang members; an increase in security presence and deployment at all major school sporting events; and by educating the District community at large about the importance of emergency preparedness and overall school safety in crisis situations.


  • Duval County School Police Department aspires to provide exceptional public safety, create an excellent work environment, and develop an outstanding organization. Through continued enhancement and development of programs and services, we strive to support the educational needs of the school system and the community.